Truth or hype?

Feb 8, 2005 1:25 PM

This week, if you’re fortunate enough to be reading my column, you’re once and for all going to learn the difference between the website of a professional gambler who plays video poker for a living and truly wants to help others achieve success — and the sites of those individuals and companies who simply have the wrong ideas.

You want knowledge, expert video poker advice and winning strategies, or interesting information about the truths of the game, go to If you want to get hammered with product promotions, mathematical rants, or be inundated with online casino ads then go anywhere else.

I’m not challenging the rights of others to do what they wish with their time. I’m just in huge favor of giving the reader information that’s understandable, not misleading, makes sense, and does not ask for your credit card number at every turn of the page. For instance, why do you think some have a myriad of products for sale while giving the impression that they are extremely successful on the gambling end of things? And does it make ANY sense to have to read through a blinding array of animated on-line casino ads that misleadingly promise all sorts of matching bonuses for the initial deposit? Why do you think they’re there!?

In video poker, the basic premise for a site is to announce how playing to math models and probability theories is the only way to go, whereby the player is expected to never make mistakes they don’t know they’re making and must play millions of hands on and on and on forever in order to attain what the guru did on a piece of paper. Making total use of calculations, expectations and bell curves, the player is told "Don’t expect to be as good as me at it unless you dedicate significant amounts of your time to studying, practicing, and actually playing inside casinos — and EVEN THEN you still may never be as good as I am at it."

Hmmm”¦ The famous caveat of a marketing genius. The ”˜just-in-case-it-doesn’t-work-out escape clause. As difficult a game as video poker is, do players REALLY need to dance the two-step with those looking to make a name for themselves or people trying to make a quick buck, in addition to all those frustrating sessions at the machines?

I don’t think so, which is exactly why I began my site a number of years ago. You know, you can always tell whenever there’s a snake oil salesman around on the Internet. Informative, truthful sites run by successful professionals DO NOT need to be selling a bunch of products or services, or require members to pay a fee for reasons no sane person can understand. Similarly, do you trust sites that have writers who preach gambling mathematics to you on one hand, and load much of the site up with the always-suspect on-line casino ads on the other?

Now maybe you’re beginning to see why I’ve always had a mistrust of those who choose to hide behind the irrevocable theories of math with whatever they sell, yet want everyone alive to believe classroom technique is 100 percent achievable by virtually anyone who wants it to be that way. And maybe you can see why I’ve chosen years ago to tell the undeniable truth about it all -- and to continue doing so as long as I’m interested in the game of video poker.

Why do video poker players go to the Internet and surf for pertinent sites anyway? For three pure and simple reasons: They love the game or are hopelessly addicted to it; they lose on a regular basis; and they desperately want to find a way to win”¦.ANY way to win. There is no other reason for anyone to look for the opinions of others when it comes to gambling topics. They will either believe in them or they won’t, but it’s the hope that’s all-important in the search process.

When I came up with a site, I wanted it to do all the things that none of the others ever did. I wanted the video poker player to be able to go somewhere where a hand wasn’t constantly outstretched, and where I never wavered away from the main topic at hand. The purpose of showing my two books on the game are more for the justification of my qualifications as well as dedication to the subject matter than anything else. I don’t require anyone buy anything in order to do something no one else has ever offered: To chat with, meet with, or talk with me whenever I’m available — and all For FREE.

But an informative site must do much more than that. I offer each of my five successful winning Play Strategies for viewing or copying at no charge, simply because that’s just what they’ve been to me ever since I developed them”¦WINNERS. I clearly explain that for someone with the exact same aspirations, circumstances, and determination I have, they, too, will win on a consistent basis. For others (and most are in this category) if they follow my basic approach to the game and have the needed discipline, their results will improve greatly over what they’ve sadly been used to.

It’s no surprise that almost every one who’s ever contacted me first tried to play follow-the-guru, properly but foolishly equipped with an eternity in one hand and a slide rule in the other. They’ve also seen their money disappear from both hands at the same time. Not so when they finally come to me — and all serious players eventually will. Few issues in life affect players as emotionally as they do when they talk to me the very first time, as they can’t explain fast enough how they’ve been bamboozled.

Just imagine how you’d feel being led down a path only the math books could follow. Then imagine the newfound hope that arises upon discovering a website that actually cares about helping the player enjoy the game more and has a realistic approach to winning on a consistent basis. And all that at no charge? You ask how I can do it? One guess.