Bally debuts
5th Dimension slot

Feb 8, 2005 1:28 PM

With its unique neon-hued reel symbols and distinctive black reel strips, the new Fifth Dimension reel-spinner from Bally Gaming and Systems stands out from the ordinary.

Players are sure to like the Fifth Dimension’s extensive pay table that offers a variety of ways to win. This is a five-reel, single-line game featuring a 5X multiplier symbol on the third reel that multiplies the payout by a factor of five. There are additional wild symbols on the second and fourth reels.

The hit frequency ensures plenty of action: 50- to 75-credit jackpots occur, on average, once every 64 plays. In addition, 100- to 1,000-credit payouts occur once every 127 plays.

Fifth Dimension offers players a lucrative 25,000-coin top award, which is won by lining up five "Fifth Dimension" symbols across the center payline with maximum credits played.