Poker with a
Euro flavor!

Feb 14, 2005 5:11 AM

Carol, the folks back home would not believe how things are different here in Paris.

I know, dear, that you love all of the fancy food and a little bit of the French wine. But the folks back home all know that I am just an old Oklahoma country boy, and what I like is some good old country food like cornbread, beans, fried potatoes and a piece of fat meat with some buttermilk to drink.

It sure is fun to play poker with these European seniors and they came from all over to the world to play at the Aviation Club here on the avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris.

This has been the second time that we have come here to host The European Seniors World Championship of Poker.

We have already been invited to return to the Aviation Club here in Paris, not only next February, but they have also invited us to return for their big tournament in July (The Grand Prix of Poker) of this year.

I told them that if we can work the trip into our schedule we would return to Paris again this summer. I am told that the weather in Paris in July is wonderful.

I want to tell the folks back home a little bit about the different types of poker games that they play over here, but that will have to wait for another time and another column.

Yes, I know that you want me to come with you to the shops so we can buy gifts for our new great grandson Ty Ryan McNeal, who was just born a couple of days before we came over here.

But, honey, these games are really good and if you can just let me play a few more hands of poker with these fellows, I am sure that I can win, but just enough to balance the payments, you understand.

Here are the results of the second annual European Seniors World Championship of Poker, a no limit hold ”˜em freeze out.


1. Abecassis, Michel (France)-------- 5,340

2. Pournaras, Andreas (Greece)------- 2,720

3. Akrich, Michel (France)----------- 1,900

4. Muller, Pierre (France)----------- 1,300

5. Mc Cartney Dennis (USA)------- 1,030

6. Benichou, Sami (France)----------- 730

7. Cohen, Michel (France)------------ 600

8. Baroukh, Bernard (France)--------- 550

9. Haby, Jean Yves (France)---------- 550

Oklahoma Johnny’s poker tip from Europe

It is said that all roads lead to Rome, and all roads in France come thru Paris.

Most of the poker games in Paris are played by Frenchmen: When you play poker in France if you like money, you should not play like a Frenchman.

Until next time, remember to stay lucky.