Mar 1, 2005 3:59 AM

We were chalking a 3-2 week when Stanford (+3) hit a last-second 3-ball to cover at Oregon State. Oh, the pain!

”¡Temple coach John Chaney has always been a live wire, but telling one of his thugs to take a run at a St. Joe’s player that caused a season ending injury should be it. A legend like Woody Hayes was fired at Ohio State!

”¡Cincy The Bully played the worst eight minute stretch of any team up 25 we’ve seen in many moons against Marquette.

St. Joe at GW: (tues): Not the team to face after Chaney. GW

Minn at Penn St (wed): And, you thought Joe Pa had it bad! Gophers need to win big. MINNY.

Auburn at Alabama (wed): Love that ESPN ”˜walker’ ad. BAMA.

UNC-C at L’ville (thu): 49ers (21-4) on 7-0 run. CHARLOTTE.

Ore St at UCLA (thu): Bruins 15-7 ATS and hungry. UCLA.

Last week: 2-3.

Season: 32-25 (56.1%).