Don’t lapseinto
a poker melt down!

Mar 7, 2005 5:19 AM

Everything in this world is a gamble! Some folks will say "I never gamble," but it is impossible to be alive and not gamble in some way or another.

Do you remember the movie the Manhattan Project? It was about the creation of the atomic bomb. The movie was about Albert Einstein and those other very smart boys who worked on the creation of the atomic bomb.

The movie told about how they talked about making the first atomic bomb. And they worked on the possibility of creating a giant bomb to end the war.

But some of the boys said: "If we build this bomb, we’re may blow up the whole damn world.

We may create a chain reaction that will circle the world and blow us all to smithereens."

They were gambling at war and some of the others said, "No, we can control this bomb."

This type of gambling is still going on. If more and more people keep making these atomic bombs bigger and bigger and hang them together in certain ways, we may yet reach Armageddon.

The Bible mentions this world going up in fire and smoke and brimstone.

Poker is something like the atomic bomb. If you remember the movie, it explained how they very carefully slipped the control rods in and out of the atomic pile, thereby controlling the atomic reaction — just below the critical point of explosion.

You must play poker somewhat in the same manner and in almost the same way. You have to keep your hand active in the pot but you do not wish to make it explode! So you just very carefully slip your bets into the pot.

There was once a great gambler who lost: Napoleon. He was good for this country because he was gambling in Europe. He was at war in Europe.

Sometimes, when a poker player goes broke he must raise a new bankroll. That’s how it was with Napoleon. He had spent too much of his money fighting the wars in Europe and it became necessary for him to raise a new bankroll.

So what did he do?

He negotiated the Louisiana Purchase to the United States in 1803 for $15 million. This was a land acquisition that greatly expanded our country.

Because Napoleon was taking a gamble in Europe, we won on this side of the ocean by acquiring such a prime piece of real estate.

With Josephine, Napoleon had conquered most of the world and he was a happy lad. But he wanted to attack Russia, so he gambled on the Russian weather. He lost that gamble big-time and that was the end of him.

Oklahoma Johnny’s poker tip of the week

You must be very careful about who you gamble with. If you remember your Shakespeare, you’ll recall one of his characters saying something to this effect: "Beware of those fellows with a lean and hungry look — put the fat cats around you."

Now, when you play poker always play with the fat cats, the doctors, the lawyers and the businessmen.

Be especially careful when gambling — don’t play with those people who need money.

Always try to gamble with those people who don’t need the money and you can take the money home and count it there.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.