Time to spring for charity poker events

Mar 14, 2005 12:06 AM

Carol, today I would like in my column in the oldest gaming newspaper in the world, GamingToday, to remind all of the folks of some of the upcoming poker charity events here in Las Vegas.

Honey, let’s mark our poker calendar that we will be hosting the following local charity poker happenings.

First, Dr. Henry Jay Bindson, president and had Lion as well as all the membership of Las Vegas Diabetes Lions Club, have asked us to help them with a poker charity event out at Sunset Station on Sunday, April 10, in the club Madrid showroom.

This will be a no limit hold ”˜em charity poker tournament for the benefit of Diabetes Lions

Club. Call 336-3338 for additional information.

Second, on April 30, the Centennial Charity Classic will be held in the pavilion at Golden Nugget (doors open at 9 a.m. for satellites).

This charity event will feature "All-in" Oscar Goodman, mayor of Las Vegas, and is a part of the year-long official activities that have been designed to celebrate the 100th birthday of the city of Las Vegas.

I have the pleasure of being the mayor’s poker coach at this event.

And I will be sure to make an effort to see that his honor only sips soft drinks ”¦ no gin while playing in the tournament or while I coach him.

The odds are 8-5 that with my coaching, his honor will make it all the way to the final table. This poker happening will be for the benefit of the YMCA and "The Seniors" Charities.

Thanks to so many people who have helped to put the Centennial tourney together. Bob, Tony, Sharon, Brooke, Sam, John, Kathy, Sue, Sarah, Carol and a lot of other folks have worked really hard to make this a wonderful bi poker party and to raise a lot of money for charity.

Oh, yes, John Breeding will be inducted into "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker/ Poker Players Hall of Fame at about noon just before the tournament.

And, the Silver Eagle, Bob Thompson will be installed as the first Steward of Poker.

The Sign Design Theatre Company will perform during the opening ceremonies. The Seniors WCOP commemorative chips will be available.

Thirdly, on July 10 at The Orleans, Carol will once again be hosting a really big charity No Limit Hold em Poker Tournament Charity event. This will be your Second Chance Poker Tournament for the Junior/Senior World Championship of Poker, sponsored and approved by The Seniors WCOP. This event is designed to raise money for The Seniors Charities.

Yes, Carol, I will invite everyone to come and be with us and I will remind them that you are the president of The Seniors Charities and that you sure want everyone of legal age to come out to The Orleans and see if they can win the $100,000.

Carol, I will just say a couple of things about your Second Chance charity event. All contributions have been approved by the IRS as a nonprofit charity.

This will be the third annual of this event and again this year you will award $100,000 to the winner (if you have 200 or more players).

Each of the first two years has had over 200 players and each year the winner of the event has received the $100,000.

I am sure you will exceed 200 players again, and that you will be able to award the winner a cool $100,000.

Fourth and finally, this is an event that I have had the honor of hosting for the past several years during the annual Orleans Open — the No Limit "The Seniors" at the Open.

This event will be held on July 21 and will feature a re-buy for only $25.

If one of the poker folks gets unlucky and loses all of their chips, they can just reload for only $25 and continue to play. It has always been a lot of fun to see our senior friends play no limit hold ”˜em at the Open!

We want to thank all of the wonderful people at all of the casinos for being so helpful with all of these events.

Oklahoma Johnny’s
poker tip of the week

I had a friend who is now playing in the big game and he loved to play poker with a lot of poker chips and stack them up very high in front of him while he played poker.

One time he told me he had made arrangements for the big game upstairs and that he did not want to be short on chips while he was playing in that game.

He told me, "Johnny, I have a friend who is already playing in the big game and I gave him some chips to take with him so he could give them back to me when I got there.

"And I am going to take some chips with me when I go to play in that big game. Now, Johnny, If that does not work out for me, you are my ace in the hole. Here, you take these chips and hold on to them for me, but be sure to bring them to me later when you come to the big game."

Remember, folks, you can only take with you to the big game the chips that you have given away!

Until next time remember to stay lucky.