Dec 5, 2000 6:50 AM
  1. Oklahoma: K-State goes down (we’ve told you this for 10 weeks), but give the Wildcats credit. Every bettor, no matter which side you selected, should’ve cashed a ticket with smart number shopping and a last-second TD reception.
  2. Miami (Fla.): What’s the difference between the Hurricanes and Al Gore? Both believe they were screwed in the "election." Another vote that the BCS doesn’t work.
  3. Florida State: Here will be the eventual national champions: it’s called the Bowden Championship Series.
  4. Washington: News bulletin for the Eastern media: The Pac-10 Conference champion Huskies beat Miami, which beat Florida State, so why isn’t UW heading for the Orange Bowl?
  5. Oregon State: Pac-10 all but demands for the Beavers to go to the Fiesta Bowl, or else the BCS could collapse should the conference withdraw. Let’s face it: the Rose Bowl outpays any other bowl game. That’s the true "scoreboard." HC Dennis Erickson says "no" to USC, signing a long-term contract.
  6. Florida: It was a great season for almost anybody else, but the SEC champion Gators are the third-ranked team in the state. This is the school where Ralph Nader should make a speech.
  7. Virginia Tech: Hokies beat Virginia, but is $1 million enough for the Beamer to keep driving to Poly? Should play an Oregon school at the Fiesta, but instead will meet the Fighting Irish. As they say in Vegas, "Money plays."
  8. Oregon: Hunting season for Ducks. UO falls from Rose Bowl to a non-New Year’s Day game; will play Boston College in Aloha Bowl. What a disappointment.
  9. Notre Dame: Oregon State deserves the Fiesta Bowl berth, but the Irish carry clout and higher TV ratings. Expect the Beavers to lose out by a whisker.
  10. Kansas State: Over-rated and over-hyped, reality sets in with the Who Cares Bowl in Dallas. At least they covered the late number with backdoor cover of the Sooners.
  11. Nebraska: Cornhuskers travel well, but where will they go? (Probably San Antonio).
  12. Purdue: Joe Tiller’s Wyoming teams know all about playing Washington and Colorado. And the warm weather will help the pass offense even more. P.S.: What in the world is an "Old Oaken Bucket?"
  13. Texas: Headed for a Holiday in San Diego, the hometown of former Horns RB Ricky Williams. P.S. -- If you visit Tijuana, don’t drink the water.
  14. Clemson: Headed for the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. Just remember to wash well to avoid a Florida epidemic of "chad build-up."
  15. TCU: Killer Frogs were already headed for Alabama in the Mobile Bowl, but they didn’t expect to leave off their coach in Tuscaloosa on the way home.
  16. Michigan: Wolverines earned their 26th consecutive bowl bid, heading for the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. Alumni enjoy Mr. Peabody, says Sherman.
  17. Northwestern: Do Wildcats have the beef to stop Nebraska? And just who came up with the idea of calling the building the "Alamodome" anyway?
  18. Ohio State: Outback Bowl is apropos. This team should play in the outback following coach Cooper’s annual choke down the stretch. Buckeyes to play another team: South Carolina, which faltered down the stretch. Still, Gamecocks went from 0-11 to New Year’s Day, so no complaints from Columbia.
  19. Auburn: Following first loss to Gators, scissors-to-paper clippings and a pair of field goals in the rematch just won’t do it in Georgia Dome. Won’t do it in Citrus Bowl, either.
  20. Georgia Tech: Future lawsuit for psychological damage: the seniors voted against going to Hawaii to instead play in the hometown Peach Bowl.
  21. Georgia: Bulldogs have dropped three of their last four. Might be a seniors vot "go-against" team in Oahu Bowl against Virginia.
  22. Texas A&M: Aggie went 7-4, but who did they beat -- and don’t tell us K-State. And Syracuse in the Bowl isn’t special, either.
  23. Tennessee: Instead of meeting Michigan, Vols get relegated to a lesser bowl, lesser opponent.
  24. LSU: The favorites for the SEC West title in 2001, Bajou Bengals find tough assignment in Don Nehlen’s last game for UWV in Music City.
  25. Ole Miss: The Rebels have The Egg -- thus, ammo for a better bowl game (probably Peach).

Others: South Carolina, Southern Miss, Colorado State, Mississippi State, Louisville, Air Force . . . hey, even UNLV is going to a bowl game after winning a nail-biter in Hawaii last weekend. Maybe the Rebels should be 25th-ranked!