WPT video is like personal poker tudor

Mar 21, 2005 1:47 AM

The game of poker couldn’t be hotter! There are an estimated 60 million poker players in the U.S. ... and they’re not bluffing. Many of them are serious; many would like to play like the poker pros who win tournaments on TV every week.

At last month’s World Poker Tour Boot Camp, instructors used video footage of actual tournament competition to underscore the proper methods of betting, calling, raising and going all-in. The footage was also useful in pointing out the mistakes that even top pros make under the pressure of the game.

While it’s possible to watch tournament action every night or try to tape the shows for viewing later, obtaining video that can be viewed over and over would be ideal in learning the game’s nuances.

Now, the World Poker Tour events are being made available in a boxed DVD set. Shout! Factory last week announced the DVD release of the "royal flush" of poker-TV, World Poker Tour: Season Two.

This eight-DVD set is stacked with the cunning poker stars, fierce competition and record-breaking prize pools that made "World Poker Tour" ("WPT") the No. 1 series on the Travel Channel.

Each of Season Two’s 14 episodes star the world’s most skilled card players competing in tournaments set in some of the world’s most glamorous locations, from dazzling Las Vegas casinos to cruise ships sailing the Sea of Cortez.

Not only do the videos contain all of the final table action, it includes the key comments made by "sideline" expert Mike Sexton. In fact, Sexton, who teaches at the Boot Camp, offers plenty of tips during live action, pointing out the great and proper moves, as well as the often silly and nonsensical plays.

The set includes a full disc of bonus material such as the extended "Poker Corner: WPT Championship Special,"a one-hour in-depth analysis with top players Annie Duke, Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth, Jr. and a "Poker Takes Over Hollywood" featurette looking at Hollywood’s fascination with poker.

Most exciting are the four audio commentaries with poker pros Negreanu, Phil "The Unibomber" Laak, Antonio Esfandiari and Erick Lindgren, providing viewers with insight into the minds of the players as they calculate each move.

With thirteen tournaments culminating in the heart-stopping finale, the second season of the Travel Channel’s No. 1 show features showdowns between the poker world’s real-life characters. Players T.J. "Texas Rounder" Cloutier, Negreanu, Laak and Gus Hansen are each out to win over $33 million in combined prize money.

They’ll be matched up against stiff competitors such as former magician Esfandiari, volatile Houston gambler Vinny Vinh, artificial intelligence expert Phil Gordon, and the first female finalist of the year, Suzy Kim. All are out to take the World Poker Tour championship title away from the first season’s winner Alan Goehring.

Other bonus materials include top-ranked player profiles, poker tips for all levels of expertise, and more. On March 29th, the World Poker Tour: Season Two DVD set will be available for $59.98 (suggested retail price).

Shout! Factory is a multi-platform entertainment company that was started by Richard Foos — co-founder of Rhino Records; Bob Emmer — former Warner Music Group and Rhino executive; and Garson Foos — former Rhino marketing executive.

WPT Enterprises, Inc. is a media and entertainment company engaged in the creation of branded entertainment through the development, production and marketing of televised programming based on poker and other gaming themes. To date, operations have principally revolved around the creation of the World Poker Tour brand through the production and licensing of a television series exhibited on the Travel Channel that is based on a circuit of previously established high-stakes poker tournaments.