March Madness bottled in 2 OT

Mar 22, 2005 9:07 AM

It was madness all over Vegas last week with one of the wildest weeks of hoops that I can ever remember.

There were some really great games but what about the WVU and Wake Forest double overtime. Wow, what a game to watch! Even if my hard earned dough was on Wake, I did save a little with the "over."

One thing is for certain, dog bettors and the sport’s books had a great week and are basking in their glory. It really was a dream week if you like to bet the college buckets. Heck, even if you don’t bet, just being around all the excitement was great. There is no better place to be than in Las Vegas for March Madness!

There were some great parlay cards and parties with t-shirt giveaways. One of the best spots was the Hard Rock, which through a great shindig from March 17-20 in Festival Hall.

So now let’s take a look at the Sweet 16. I still have three teams alive that I predicted would make the Final Four — North Carolina, Oklahoma State and Michigan State. My only loser was Wake Forest, who I really thought had a big chance to win it all. But that was that, so let’s move forward.

Illinois vs Wis-Milwaukee: Upstart Wisc-Milwaukee has turned out to be the Cinderella of the tournament. The dream season will most likely end here. Illinois opened -10½ with the total 141 but has gone down to 140 and there are some -9½ out there. If I had to bet this game, which I probably won’t, I would have to take +10.

Arizona vs Oklahoma St: This game opened Ok State -1 with the total 151. I will go with the Okies and lay the number.

Louisville vs Washington: Louisville opened -1½ with the total 158 over Washington. Louisville has been playing with a purpose, having been very disturbed with its #4 seed. The Cards are really out to prove something. This will be one of my best bets. Also make a small bet on the "over."

W.Virginia vs Texas Tech: The game opened at PK with the total 141½. The number has moved to Tech -1½, which I think is the correct move. WVU may have played its best game against Wake and it looks like Mr. Knight has his bunch really up. Tech made a nice comeback against a tough Gonzaga team. Lay less than -2 with TT.

NC State vs Wisconsin: NC State opened -2 with the total 127½. I like NC State and "under" in this one, but not big. Maybe a small parlay.

UNC vs Villanova: North Carolina opened -10 and 154. The Tar Heels have had it pretty easy so far, but this will be their toughest game. I do like the Heels to win it all, but I see the Wildcats giving them a tough time. Take the points with Nova.

Kentucky vs Utah: Kentucky opened -5½ and 125. The Utes are a 6-seed vs second-seeded Kentucky and only getting five points. I just can’t resist it, so I will lay the number with Kentucky and bet the game "under." I think Utah will try and slow it down.

Duke vs Michigan St: Duke opened -4 and 142 against Michigan State. Now this line makes a little sense with Duke a 1-seed facing the third-seeded Spartans. This number moved up to -4½. If I had to bet this game, I would take the points and make a little wager on the money line with Michigan State.

Next week we will recap and take a look at the Final Four. When the tournament has run its course, Bally’s race book will be the place for horse players on Thursdays from March 31 to July 28.

I will give you all the info in next week’s column. Horses at Bally’s will be a great way to spend the day with a shot at some big bucks.

Saber’s remaining Final Four:

Oklahoma St, UNC, Michigan St.