Ex-bookie launches betting system

Mar 29, 2005 8:49 AM

David Reardon and Jerry Subject are pushing a system that you don’t have to be computer savvy to understand. That’s music to the ears of many.

"The best part of the system is that I can stay open for 23 hours and 58 minutes a day," said Frankie Turco, race and sports book manager at the El Cortez. "Other places around here need to shut down for two hours. We aren’t a 22-hour operation."

Reardon is the developer for Gaming Hospitality Solutions (GHS), which builds machines used by ticket writers in race and sports books.

It would take a computer scientist to explain the intricate differences between the system used at El Cortez and the ones in the other books on and off the Strip. What does matter is that this system cuts down on maintenance time, which allows writers to -accept and process more tickets.

That means more betting handle, which translates into more money for the house.

"The machines are pretty much identical everywhere," Reardon said. "We can have three or four types of machines that you can put on to this system. The machines allow ticket writers to put tickets through without having to read them a few times."

Reardon said his system gives the book more flexibility in developing lines during the games.

"On this system, we have a features matrix that allows ticket writers to get first and second half bets out of almost every televised game," he said. "Also, our system hooks right into pari-mutuel wagering for horse racing."

Jerry Subject, who worked at El Cortez for 22 years, is the consultant for the GHS product he feels bookmakers could use to their advantage.

"I had the system placed in the El Cortez last August," Subject said. "Now that it is running well, we will start marketing it elsewhere. With our machines you are not limited to your leagues (NBA, NFL, baseball etc). Books are capable of putting up different vigs, point spreads and grade tickets instantly.

"We can go back in the system and at any time see how much money has been bet," Subject added. "Parlay cards can be integrated into the system and processed in seconds."

Subject said the cost for the system ranges from $60,000 to $100,000 for all the hardware and software.

"We have player tracking here (at El Cortez), allowing for race and sports to communicate to the slot club and the rest of the casino," he said. "Jackie Gaughan taught me a lot in 22 years here. Now this system is teaching all of us a better way for books to operate."