Run lines early play

Apr 5, 2005 8:32 AM

Well, baseball season is upon us and the Kentucky Derby is just one month away — May 7 to be exact.

We will do some in depth discussions on the Derby starting next week, but let’s examine the major leagues and find some ways to put some bucks into our empty pockets caused from purchasing gas two or three times a week.

The first game Sunday between the Red Sox and Yankees was typical of many games to follow this early in the season. The total was 8½ and you just know that David Wells and Randy Johnson won’t go more then six innings. So it’s risky betting this game "under."

The score was 5-1 when both pitchers were gone and it ended 9-2. So look to bet the "over" in these types of games when the total is less than 9 runs.

One big play that we here at Gaming Today have made good money on over the years is betting the run line the first couple months. Of course, betting the run line enables you to profit on laying 1½ runs at even or plus money. On the board at the far right of the game, it shows the underdog at +1½ runs and the favorite at -1½.

You want to see a team getting the +1½ with either even, +105 or a higher plus price. This is an automatic play and you should keep a separate bankroll just for this type of bet. Make all straight bets, no parlays and increase your play as your bankroll rises.

We will keep track of all the run line plays and give an update each week to see how we are doing. Remember, in making a play like this you don’t even have to hit 50 percent of your bets to make money. However, the past couple of years this play has been well over 50 percent in the early going.

This is how we are going to start out. We will see how our strategy progresses in the first couple of weeks. Things do happen and we will adjust if necessary.


The Kentucky Derby is the next big event for Nevada Race and Sports Books. The good thing is that the Books can use the words Kentucky Derby in their advertisements for the parties and special promos such as t-shirt giveaways and what not.

Most all casinos will be hosting big KD parties. Some of these bashes are small and elegant for the big hitters. Others are for the little guys like you and me. So keep an eye open for all the activities, which are fun and not pricey.

One big party is slated for the Hard Rock and if you attended that "March Madness" party there, there’s no question they put on a top-flight bash. I know the books will have their hands full once again trying to control the rampant use of cell phones, but I do have an idea how they can solve this terrible problem. Do like the Old West and have everyone check those cell phones at the door before being allowed entry.

Looking at the Derby, trainer Nick Zito currently has the upper hand for the Run for the Roses. Zito has several top contenders especially with the 1-2 finishers in the Florida Derby — High Fly and up and comer Nobel Causeway, who with any improvement could be the one. But things change very quickly with these fast improving 3-year-olds so let’s go one week at a time.


Johnny Avello over at Bally’s started his big real money horse tournament this past week and it was a rousing success. Horse players can go there Thursdays for a shot at the big bucks.

Also coming up is the Las Vegas Hilton’s "Pick the Ponies" contest, which has a $500 entry fee using the same format as in the past. Contestants signing up by 5 p.m. April 18 will receive the early bird signup fee of $400. First place in this contest based on 200 entrants is $38,000. Prize money will be awarded up to 30th place. Rules are available at the Hilton or by calling 1-800-732-7117 for more info.