Poker tourney part of
Vegas’ Centennial

Apr 19, 2005 12:18 AM

Carol, I want to remind the folks today about a poker happening. We want to invite all the poker players and supporters of the YMCA and your "The Seniors" Charities to come and join us on Saturday, April 30, in beautiful downtown Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget to play with us in a no limit charity poker tournament.

Yes, there will be coffee, juice and rolls for everyone at the satellites. They will begin at 9 a.m. and I plan to play in the satellites to win my way into the $500 no limit poker tournament that will begin at noon in the Golden Nugget’s pavilion room.

For more information just take a look at the nice ad telling all about the tournament in GamingToday, the oldest gaming newspaper in the world.

I am honored to be the coordinator of this event, which is an official part and one of the special things that have been planned to help the city of Las Vegas celebrate its 100th birthday,

The Centennial Charity Classic will feature our Mayor Oscar Goodman. Some folks call him "All In" Oscar, but I am going to be his poker coach and I will do my best to get him to the final table.

The mayor has agreed that he will just drink a little juice and save the gin for the celebration after he has won the first ever Centennial Charity Classic.

Shuffle Master, the makers of Deck Mate, will furnish a lot of their poker tables and their new card dealing machines to help make the tournament a great success.

So many people have worked so hard to make this charity poker tournament a great success that I would be remiss if I failed to name them all. So I will just say thanks to all from the YMCA and "The Seniors."

At about 11:45 a.m. in the pavilion room, a local non-profit group called The Sign Design Theater will sing in sign design language.

Yes, Carol, I will tell the folks that this is one of your favorite charities and that this special group of kids do have a little trouble hearing.

If the folks have never seen them sing in sign language, they should get ready for something different. It will make you glad you came.

Then, we will have the installation of the very first person to take the office of Steward of Poker. It will be my pleasure to install The Silver Eagle, Bob Thompson, as the inaugural holder of the title of the first Steward of Poker.

If you are a poker player you will not want to miss this event.

Then just before we put the cards in the air for the Centennial Charity Classic, we will have the honor of inducting John Breeding into the "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker Players Hall of Fame.

I will be making sure that his honor the mayor is playing his cards just right, because it is 8-5 that with my coaching, "All In " Oscar will make it all the way to the final table.

Oklahoma Johnny’s Poker Tip of the Week

Well, it was just a couple of years into a brand new century when the new town of Las Vegas was born.

In January of 1905, the final spike was driven about 25 miles south of town that connected the railroad from Salt Lake to Los Angeles.

And on May the 15, 1905 a special excursion train arrived from Los Angeles with 3,000 or so land speculators.

The poker players arrived the next day.

On the roof and/or in the rain, poker players will play the game.

I am sure that there were a lot of poker players that came to Las Vegas in that first train load.

The rest of us came as soon as we learned that they had arrived from California because poker is a people business.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.