Double deckers!

Apr 24, 2005 11:39 PM

Las Vegas’ Citizens Area Transit (CAT) will soon be operating double-decker buses imported from the United Kingdom.

A fleet of 50 of the buses are scheduled to start their runs next month along the Las Vegas Strip.

The double-decker buses are hoped to relieve some of the overcrowding on existing CAT buses that operate 24 hours along Las Vegas Boulevard (the Strip).

Built by the Alexander Dennis company, the buses can carry about 100 people, 84 of them seated, compared with 32 seated passengers on a single-level bus.

Las Vegas joins San Francisco and Vancouver as the only North American cities to order the company’s double-decker buses.

The buses will be fully enclosed, unlike some of the open-air models that have become famous in London’s Trafalgar Square and other locations.