Unity of books signals race coup

Apr 26, 2005 4:01 AM

In the eleventh hour, Nevada race books signed a contract with Churchill Downs Corp. to carry the signal for both Hollywood Park (which opened April 22) and Churchill Downs (opens this Friday).

Churchill Downs Corp, for the second straight year, tried to get more money from the Vegas books. In an unusual show of solidarity, the Books held their ground and and were willing to book both tracks on the house side. That’s like making a sports bet with no guaranteed amount of win for the Books. When the player would win, the Book would lose.

But the biggest problem would be the payouts. There would have been limits on all the payoffs like exactas and all other exotic wagers. Also, you would not have been able to bet on the pick-6 and pick-4. Speaking to one director, he said they were ready and willing to go through with the holdout even if they had to book the Kentucky Derby.

It’s good to see the Books take a stand so a big "Yahoo" will go out to those responsible. If the Books caved, it would undoubtedly cost the players. One Book Manager told me it could have been the end to free drinks and would have cut down on the comps drastically.

Most likely they would have had to start charging full price for the Racing Forms. So this was not only good for their bottom line but also worked for race players, who have a tough enough time trying to keep their heads about water.

Speaking of comps I know lot of players have points build up at favorite betting parlors and have had all the buffets they can handle. We don’t have any friends or relatives coming in for a visit and the kids are grown and gone off into the sunset somewhere. So what can we do with all those build up points?

The ever wise Gaming Control Board won’t let the books give back any real cash because they are brain dead and don’t have a clue. So it’s just eat and gain more wait and watch the blood pressure go sky high due to all the salt they put in that stuff. I know that those in the big offices are trying to figure out how to get more business and how to keep the business that they already have.

Well, they need to come up with something that everyone needs. While buying some gas on the cheap this morning ($2.45 a gallon), I thought that’s what everyone needs and would want. If some casino genius out there could make some kind of a deal with one of those high priced gas stations, put a few pumps out back of the casino so we could just pull up and swipe out players cards like we do at the buffet, they would end up with all the business they would ever need.

No more food! We want gas and not from that stuff they serve at those famous buffets. The one at the pumps! It doesn’t look like there will ever be anyone out there with the guts to try and get the cell phone regulation changed, but there must be someone who can find a way to get us something more for our comp points, like some gas!

Next week: GT’s special Kentucky Derby edition.