Washington Redskins overpriced and overrated

Dec 12, 2000 7:07 AM

The Washington Redskins are dead in the water. They’re overpriced and overrated. Changing coaches mid-stream doesn’t help. Now the defensive coordinator is the head coach. Oh, my.

Steelers 20, Redskins 16: After Dallas, it’s the Steelers. Which Washington team will show up? Skins are playing for their paychecks. Steelers plus the points get the money.

Seahawks 27, Raiders 24: The Raiders will go down swinging and lose the home field advantage. The Seahawks are finally playing well. Take Seattle plus the points.

Vikings 31, Packers 17: The Vikes are back on the carpet. Green Bay has been playing weak teams. Vikes bounce back from a sound thrashing at St. Louis.

Bills 23, Patriots 13: This game is for pride between two old AFL foes. Bills minus the points is a winner.

Chiefs 27, Broncos 24: Division rivalry is still strong. Both teams will play hard. Actual bad feelings still linger. Take the Chiefs and the points.

Jets 26, Lions 13: Lions aren’t a good December team. The Jets are still in the playoff hunt. Jets minus the points gets it done.

Jaguars 31, Bengals 13: Jags are strong in the second half of the season now that they’re out of playoff hunt. Jax pumps up its stats at Bengals’ expense.

Titans 31, Browns 7: The other half of the weak sisters of the AFC, Cleveland, is overmatched here. Lay the heavy lumber on Tennessee.

Panthers 23, Chargers 7: Despite injuries, Panthers are playing hard and effectively. Chargers have just about had it. Lay the points with Carolina.

Saints 31, Falcons 10: New Orleans has found an offense to go with its defense. Falcons are looking for an early exit and maybe a few frog legs. Falcons get the legs. Saints minus the points gets the money.

Bears 31, 49ers 30: This should be a wild one at 3Com Park. The Bears will play hard all the way. Draft choices at stake here. Take the Bears plus the points.

Colts 24, Dolphins 20: Colts are more desperate than Miami — if you consider do-or-die desperate. Tampa showed that Miami defense is vulnerable. Colts plus the points gets it done.

Ravens 24, Cardinals 3: Cards can’t wait for the so-called season to end. Actually, they gave up six weeks ago. The Ravens keep it rolling, even laying double digits.

Cowboys 20, Giants 17: The Giants have been playing "lights out" and are shooting for the top of the NFC East. Cowboys catch the New Yorkers off guard. The extra points should help.

Rams 30, Buccaneers 20: Tampa Bay goes on a scoring spree, but the prolific Rams are back in high gear. Give Kurt Warner time to throw and he’ll shred the defense. Rams should win the pick ‘em game.