Crown the Los Angeles Kings with money-line betsKings love Staples Center

Dec 12, 2000 7:38 AM

Tuesday, Dec. 12:

NY Rangers vs. San Jose: San Jose is 4-1 vs. Atlantic Division foes this season. Prediction: Sharks 4-2

Wednesday, Dec. 13:

Philadelphia vs. Colorado: The AVS are tough at home and will prove it again. Predicted score: Colorado 5-1

Edmonton vs. Dallas: The Stars will shine in a close game. Predicted score: Stars 3-2

Thursday, Dec. 14:

Calgary vs. Ottawa: The Senators will put out the Flames. Predicted score: Senators 3-1

Minnesota vs. Washington: Capitals get 3rd shutout of the year. Predicted score: Capitals 2-0

Tampa Bay vs. Phoenix: Coyotes win this one in low-scoring affair. Predicted score: Coyotes 2-1

NY Rangers vs. Los Angeles: Plenty of scoring here as Kings prevail. Predicted score: Kings 6-4

Columbus vs. San Jose: Sharks to feast on Blue Jackets. Predicted score: Sharks 6-1

Friday, Dec. 15:

Montreal vs. New Jersey: High-scoring here favors the Devils. Predicted score: Devils 6-3

Toronto vs. NY Islanders: Maple Leafs make it 3-0 this year against Islanders. Predicted score: Toronto 4-3

St. Louis vs. Atlanta: Blues will make this one look easy. Predicted score: St. Louis 5-1

Chicago vs. Dallas: This one’s not a question of how, but by how much. Predicted score: Stars 7-2

Saturday, Dec. 16:

Florida vs. Buffalo: No sun, No fun = No win for Panthers. Predicted score: Sabres 4-1

Pittsburgh vs. Montreal: Penguins will prevail on Molson Centre Ice. Predicted score: Pittsburgh 4-3

NY Islanders vs. Ottawa: If this were a fight, they’d stop it. Predicted score: Senators 6-1

Calgary vs. Toronto: This should be a very tight-checking game. Predicted score: Toronto 3-1

Columbus vs. Vancouver: Canucks to put on offensive show. Predicted score: Vancouver 8-3

Tampa Bay vs. Los Angeles: Kings love Staples Center. Predicted score: Los Angeles 5-2

Monday, Dec. 18:

San Jose vs. Washington: Sharks may need this one to stay on top. Predicted score: San Jose 3-2