‘Cash Call’ links players with jackpots

May 30, 2005 2:23 AM

United Coin Machine Company, (UCMC), operator of the Gamblers Bonus slot club in taverns throughout Nevada, has joined forces with Key2Mobile and Mobile Technology Group to introduce an innovative gaming promotion featuring cellular text messaging that offers cash rewards to club members.

The promotion, aptly named "Cash Call," allows all Gamblers Bonus slot club members to call 1-866 CASH CALL on their mobile phones every day to win a random amount up to $1,000.

Within seconds of making the call a text message is sent to the club member with the prize amount that has been won. The club member must then log on to his or her club account at any Gamblers Bonus location on the following day to claim the winnings.

Non-club members may also call the toll free number to receive guaranteed prizes of up to $1,000. The non-member must then join Gamblers Bonus (free of charge) at any of over 450 locations to claim their prize.

With its vast existing base of Gamblers Bonus members plus the anticipated surge in new enrollments, company officials have earmarked about $2 million for Cash Call’s month-long promotion.

"We believe Gamblers Bonus members are among the most loyal slot club members in Nevada and anticipate word-of-mouth about CASH CALL will literally "ignite" the mobile phone towers," said Raquel Rodriguez, UCMC’s director of marketing.

United Coin introduced the Gamblers Bonus slot club in 1996 and it continues to enjoy tremendous growth year after year. Players are awarded cash for play, jackpots and other bonuses while the taverns use Gamblers Bonus as a marketing tool to remain competitive with the local market.

United Coin Machine Company, the nation’s largest slot route operator, is owned by Century Gaming Inc. of Missoula, Mont., and services more than 10,000 video poker, keno and slot machines in over 800 locations, primarily taverns, convenience and grocery stores throughout the state of Nevada and Montana.