Rating the power 6- and 8-spots

May 30, 2005 2:33 AM

Over the last several weeks we’ve covered two popular "power" tickets, the 28-way 6-spot and the 28-way 8-spot. Both tickets are marked using eight groups. In the case of the 6 spot, groups of three are used, while the eights are marked using groups of four. This week we’ll do a heads up comparison of the two tickets to drive home a few points.

We can see immediately that the sixes provide winners almost three times as often as the eights, with a frequency of wins of once every 1.30 games as opposed to every 3.57 games for the eights. Most of these winners are small, however; many are smaller than the amount wagered.

If we look at the monetary return on these small payouts the difference is not so dramatic. The six spots pay a little over 17 percent of their total payouts in winners less than $28, while the eights pay about 11.5 percent of the total pay backs in winners less than $28.

Incidentally, some keno players are irritated by winners smaller than the wager, while seemingly satisfied by any payoff larger than their wager.

When playing a ticket of this sort, you really have to consider a $14 payout as paying for half of a ticket, just as you might say a $28 winner pays for a whole ticket. After all, if you’re playing this kind of ticket, you’ve got to be shooting for at least a $1,500 winner, not $28 or even $100! These smaller winners just serve to keep you in the ball game until the big bonanza comes up.

You’ll have slightly more chance to hit $100 or more on the way sixes than the eights, about every 15 games on the average, three games sooner than the way eights.

Once you get into the bigger money, though (the real reason these tickets are played), you can see that the way eights are far superior. You’ll hit $1,500 or more some 54 games sooner on the eights than you will on the sixes, while winners of $10,000 or more are almost non-existent on the 28-way 6. In comparison, winners of $10,000 or more amount to almost 9 percent of the total money paid out on a 28-way 8!

I think that you’ll agree with me, that if your goal is to win $1,500 or more and you’re playing one of these tickets, that the 28-way 8 is clearly superior for this purpose. If you’re not shooting for $1,500 or more and you’re playing $28 a game, then you’re playing the wrong tickets!

On a scale of one to five, with five being the highest, the 28-way 8 gets a rating of four spikes:

Well, that’s it for now. Good luck! I’ll see you in line!