Take the boredom out of winning!

May 30, 2005 3:06 AM

Carol, I was telling the folks last week that what happens in Las Vegas started in Oklahoma and is now returning to Oklahoma.

I told the folks that I was born in Oklahoma, played poker in Vegas and now am going back to Oklahoma for "The Oklahoma Johnny Hale Open Poker Tournament" with a $1,000,000 first place prize.

First, let me tell the folks that I played poker in this country club (Rolling Hills) in Tulsa over forty-odd years ago. The game was not approved by my church or local law officials, but we played poker for fun and profit in Oklahoma for many years before I ever played poker in Las Vegas.

The Cherokee Nations Enterprises bought the country club and changed its name to Cherokee Hills.

Now, the laws of Oklahoma have changed and it is legal to play poker in Oklahoma.

I do not know very much about poker on TV, but I have had a little experience with poker and poker people.

A lot of my friends over the years have agreed with me that playing winning poker is one of the most boring things that you can do.

So how do I help make watching someone play poker on TV interesting and exciting?

I know a lot of the folks have fun playing poker and losing at "No Fold’em Hold’em."

But winning at poker and what you must do to win is really not all that much fun to do or to watch!

So, how do I help make a poker TV show fun?

I have a lot of answers, but you folks are going to have to tune in to my TV show to enjoy and have that fun and excitement with me. You will have to wait a little — it will not be released until next year.

A lot of recreational poker players come to Las Vegas to gamble and enjoy themselves, and to play poker as if they were double parked.

Many of the tourists have told me that they expect to lose a certain amount of money and they treat it like buying a ticket to a show.

And the tourists all have fun losing, but on the TV show that I am trying to create, the players will all be winning large amounts of money.

In my lifetime of playing poker in the top professional-level games, it’s about as interesting as watching paint dry or the grass grow.

The visiting tourists come to town to play with the expert poker players and the professional players, who very often perform like they’re on a nondescript job when they’re playing in a tournament or cash game.

Of course, the winning of a pot gets exciting but the waiting, waiting, waiting all of the time for the proper situation to occur so that all the parts of the game come together in just the correct sequence takes a lot of energy and consumes a lot of time.

For example, I played a poker session recently — yes, a winning session — but my God, it was four or five hours long and I only won one hand!

Of course, that one hand had a lot of money in it and made me one of the big winners of the game.

Stay tuned and in my "Back in the Saddle Again" columns here on the pages of GamingToday, I will reveal some of the new and exciting innovations that will help make the poker television world new and different.

Oklahoma Johnny poker tip of the week

I have, over the years, developed some ways to take the boredom out of winning when you play poker.

I have tried to study people and poker people. Poker is a people business and if you understand people you will not only be a winner when you play poker but a winner in your life as well.

Of course, the winning of a pot gets exciting but in the interim time between hands try to develop some conversational skills with your fellow players to help break up the boredom. The professional poker players will not like you doing this because they are at work and you are at play. So live it up and have fun when you play poker.

Until next time remember to always stay lucky.