Early casino action is far fromTerrible

Dec 12, 2000 9:40 AM

"The grand opening went well," an elated Mark Sterbens said as crowds continued to keep the staff of the newly opened Terrible’s Hotel Casino on their toes. "The opening not only went exceptionally well, it’s hasn’t let up yet," he added.

Located on the corner of Paradise and Flamingo, the property is along the routes to and from McCarran Airport, neighborhoods to the south as well as points both east and west of The Strip.

"We are already seeing a big locals crowd," he said, "and that is considered a compliment." He said all areas of the property, from live games, to machines and through the restaurants, business has been booming. "We are doing our best to keep people from waiting on lines, and we all feel comfortable that we are serving some good food," he said.

Numerous food specials helped attract the crowds.