GT columnist throws down the gauntlet

Jun 14, 2005 4:56 AM

Editor’s Note: GamingToday is fortunate to have two video poker writers: Rob Singer and Elliot Frome. In a sense, they provide a kind-of "good cop, bad cop" divergence of opinion on how to win at the popular casino game. Last week, Singer appeared on a Las Vegas radio program, which in the past has been critical of Singer’s video poker strategy. Here’s what happened and Singer’s response to his detractors.


Recently I was invited to appear on the You Can Bet On It radio show in Las Vegas, where I expected to discuss my views on playing video poker. Instead, the host, Steven Fezzik, seemed fixated on my win record based on my play strategy, but would not accept my announced eight year’s worth of profits.

Ultimately, Fezzik proposed a bet in which he would monitor my play for one session, then 10 sessions, and finally for an entire year!

No video poker player wants anyone staring at him as he plays — from behind, next to, above, or anywhere else. And since I play the game for a living, I will not play on anyone else’s schedule, nor will I ever allow the distraction of playing while being monitored.

But Fezzik is convinced that, "the burden of proof is on the one who says he wins while going against the math."

All right, if it’s proof that he wants, here it is, along with my own challenge to Fezzik:

1. Two months ago I completed a 14-month IRS multi-year audit of my gambling profession. I keep impeccable records and will reveal my per-trip actual win/loss records from 1997 to the present. I will provide my entire certified bank account records that match my daily win/loss records, my withdrawals from my bank here in Scottsdale for each trip, any withdrawals I had to make from the branch in Las Vegas, and my deposits (either at the Nevada branch or the next morning in Arizona), immediately after every session ended.

2. In total, it will show a clear profit of over $640,000 since 1997. In addition, even though I don’t really want to show my life to outsiders, I will support all this with our 1997-2004 tax returns as well as the audit report.

3. I have already prepared to transfer the sum of $740,000 to the Westin, which will serve as an escrow holder. Fezzik will also forward $640,000 (Why $640k? Because that’s the amount he disputes) plus another $100k for him to supply exactly the same documentation to me, under his "burden of proof" proclamation. He must provide indisputable proof with bank accounts and IRS records that he has indeed cleared the numbers he claims that he has.

4. Fezzik and I will provide our own attorneys, if required. I will have a non-disclosure agreement. No one will ever be allowed to write, discuss, or in any way pass on any of the confidential info contained within.

5. Winners: If I show adequate proof as I’ve explained above, I win Fezzik’s $640,000. If Fezzik proves his point he wins and gets my $100k. If not, I get his $100k.

I look forward to this chance to clear the air. It should finally prove that there is a way to win at video poker for those of you who really want to win. My methods, though out of the mainstream, have worked for me. It can and has worked for others.