Hey Vegas, call Midwest and allow cells

Jun 14, 2005 6:38 AM

Well, I flew in from Pittsburgh on Sunday having spent the day before at Mountaineer Park for the Belmont.

Watching Afleet Alex draw away in the stretch with all my friends yelling and whooping it up in our private room, I just couldn’t help thinking how the rest of the country has caught up with and even passed Las Vegas in some aspects of gaming — especially horse racing.

There we sat with a block of TV’s all tuned in to our favorite tracks and our own betting machine. Not to mention food and cocktail service. Every fifteen minutes the cocktail waitress was knocking on the door taking food and drink orders.

After the race, my friend Lenny got on his cell phone to his wife and told her we hit the exacta and tri. Not one security guard pounded down the door and made him turn his phone off.

Vegas needs to grow with the world and make some needed changes with the cell phone rules and add some other upgrades for race players. Otherwise, they will be left in the dust with the horses running behind Afleet Alex in the Belmont.

There is no reason that books shouldn’t offer private betting rooms for high end players. If not, they will see more race bettors just stay home and bet in the comfort of their living rooms.

Tyson no cinderella

If any of you were unlucky enough to catch the Tyson debacle and watch the fight game take another step into oblivion, yet remain a fight fan, then I got the movie for you. Cinderella Man! This is a true story about heavyweight champ James J. Braddock (aka the "Cinderella Man") portrayed by Russell Crowe in the movie.

Crowe does his usual great job and will be nominated for an academy award. I also think this movie will be nominated. If you are a boxing fan or even if you’re not, this is a great movie and a must see. This was what boxing was all about. Not this garbage they try to give the public now. Also great performances by Renee Zellweger and Paul Giamatti.

Steubenville rules!

In Steubenville, the food hasn’t changed since I was growing up eating pizza at DeCarlos and meatball on the heel at the legendary Naples Spaghetti House.

I just can’t get over the bread and don’t understand why it isn’t in Vegas. It was great visiting my aunt and uncle and gaining at least five pounds.

The weather was hot and most people still had those screen doors with the little latch with no care that someone might break in. All anyone would talk about was that Steubenville was getting an Arena Football team.

The Pirates were playing .500 ball for the first time anyone could remember and residents were wondering if the Steelers would go all the way. I don’t think anyone back there knows or cares what’s going on in the rest of the world. It’s all about sports.

One person did say it was a little humid and that Steubenville University was trying to buy the golf course. I did visit my high school and walked down the hallowed halls, which brought back some memories.

I looked into the year book of my graduation class of 65 and there in the middle was a big picture of yours truly. With hair, eyeing up at a pool shot with the caption "One of the bigger decisions of his busy day."