Surrender and win

Jun 20, 2005 1:33 AM


A new blackjack bet seems to be gaining popularity since it was unveiled at the Stardust casino last month.

Casino Surrender, which gives players the option of winning 50 percent of their bet when holding 20 versus a dealer’s 10 (and no dealer blackjack), doesn’t alter the rules of blackjack. It just gives players the option of taking a "sure thing."

"When a player faces a dealer’s 10, basic strategy dictates they assume the hole card is a 10 anyway," says Casino Surrender’s developer and owner Frank Mugnolo. "Why risk losing or pushing when you can take a solid 50 percent win on your bet?"

Because Surrender is simply an added bet, such as blackjack insurance, the rules of "21" are unaltered by the option.

So far, the bet is available at the Stardust on the Strip, at a few of casinos in Pahrump and Mesquite, and will soon debut at Sunset Station.

"Once the bet has a chance to be played, I think it will stand the test of time," Mugnolo said. "We believe blackjack players, informed with the facts, would choose to sit at a blackjack table with Casino Surrender”¦ because they have the option to taking it with no additional risk."

Casino Surrender is the third patent that Mugnolo has applied for, and it’s the first in the casino field.

"As I CPA, I’ve always liked being around numbers," he said. "Plus I’ve always watched carnival games, trying to come up with something different, some variation.

"I ran the statistics on this option for blackjack and the numbers came up a winner for the house as well as the player," he said.