More ‘ways’ to hit those 9-spot cards

Jun 20, 2005 3:06 AM

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the 5-way-9s from last week. First, the old deuce-way-8 plus a king gives us a 5-way-9. This 11-spot ticket is easy to check (just block off a deuce and you have a 9-spot way.) All the 9-spot ways include the king, so the king will be a key number on this ticket — if it comes up you are much more likely to post a win so pick it carefully!

If you have the money, the 11 and the 10 should be covered, and according to your bankroll and preferences, the ways down to the 5’s are playable.


2 2 2 2 2 1


1-way-11 1-way-10 5-way-9 5-way-8

10-way-7 10-way-6 10-way-5 10-way-4

5-way-3 5-way-2 1-way-1



The next 5-way-9 is the smallest (in terms of total numbers) that you can play, marking only 10 numbers:


5 1 1 1 1 1


1-way-10 5-way-9 10-way-8 10-way-7

5-way-6 2-way-5 5-way-4 10-way-3

10-way-2 5-way-1


Given the fact that you are playing a field of five on this ticket, in addition to the 5-way-9 you should definitely cover the 10 and the two 5s on this ticket. Don’t flirt with disaster!

The following ticket has one more spot (in general, the more spots the better) so play the three 10s, five 9s and 7-way-8s for a 15-way ticket.


4 2 2 1 1 1


1-way-11 3-way-10 5-way-9 7-way-8

8-way-7 8-way-6 8-way-5 8-way-4



5 3 1 1 1 1


1-way-12 4-way-11 6-way-10 5-way-9

5-way-8 7-way-7 8-way-6 7-way-5

5-way-4 5-way-3 6-way-2 4-way-1



4 3 2 1 1 1


1-way-12 3-way-11 4-way-10 5-way-9

7-way-8 8-way-7 8-way-6 8-way-5

7-way-4 5-way-3 4-way-2 3-way-1


Our next 5-way-9 of interest is the 12 spot, marked: 3 2 2 2 2 1


1-way-12 1-way-11 4-way-10 5-way-9

7-way-8 10-way-7 8-way-6 10-way-5

7-way-4 5-way-3 4-way-2 1-way-1


Play the 12, the 11, the four 10s and the five 9s for an 11-way ticket. This ticket has the smallest groups of any of our 5-way-9s. In general, tickets with smaller groups win less often but provide bigger winners when they do hit.

If you are in to symmetry, or symmetry (however you look at it) the following 13 spot is interesting:




4 4 2 1 1 1


1-way-13 3-way-12 4-way-11 4-way-10

5-way-9 7-way-8 8-way-7 8-way-6

7-way-5 5-way-4 4-way-3 4-way-2



On this ticket I would play the five 9s and the five 4s, for a 10-way ticket, and similarly play the five 9s and the five 5s on the 14 spot ticket below:


5 4 2 1 1 1


1-way-14 3-way-13 4-way-12 4-way-11

4-way-10 5-way-9 7-way-8 8-way-7

7-way-6 5-way-5 4-way-4 4-way-3

4-way-2 3-way-1



I am one player who likes 15 spot tickets if I find a keno game that provides a reasonable pay table for them, and the 15 plus 5-way-9 is certainly playable on this ticket:


5 3 2 2 2 1


1-way-15 1-way-14 3-way-13 4-way-12

4-way-11 7-way-10 5-way-9 7-way-8

7-way-7 5-way-6 7-way-5 4-way-4

4-way-3 3-way-2 1-way-1



We end with a couple of keno curiosities — "twin" tickets. Both tickets have 16 spots total, both have a field of five, but the second has groups of 3 and 2 instead of 4s and kings. Both tickets are playable, your choice would depend on what other ways you might wish to play.


5 4 4 1 1 1


1-way-16 3-way-15 3-way-14 1-way-13

2-way-12 7-way-11 9-way-10 5-way-9

2-way-8 5-way-7 9-way-6 7-way-5

2-way-4 1-way-3 3-way-2 3 Way 1


5 3 3 2 2 1


1-way-16 1-way-15 2-way-14 4-way-13

3-way-12 6-way-11 6-way-10 5-way-9

8-way-8 5-way-7 6-way-6 6-way-5

3-way-4 4-way-3 2-way-2 1-way-1


Have fun! That’s it for this week, good luck, I’ll see you in the lounge!