Barley’s: No limits on fun

Jun 21, 2005 6:51 AM

"A man’s got to know his limitations,"

Clint Eastwood
as Dirty Harry

Barley’s Casino works because it has never tried to be something it’s not.

"We’re all about creating an atmosphere of fun," said Stacey Caravalho, the casino’s new sports book manager. "Guests here are treated like family. The staff has been the same throughout my 5½ years here and that says a lot about the company."

Barley’s has always had the location — trendy Green Valley-Henderson a block east from where Green Valley Parkway and Sunset Road intersect.

"We’re all one big happy family under the Station Casinos umbrella," said Brian Skagen, the roving general manager at both Barley’s and Wild Wild West. "Stations is the best company to work for because we are allowed to create a fun atmosphere within our means."

Barley’s doesn’t try to be Green Valley Ranch or another Santa Fe Station, where marketing director Carol Thompson recently left to take on a similar role. Thompson helped create the highly successful poker room at Santa Fe and has plans to energize Barley’s.

"We have strengths on our own," she said. "There is no need to compete with our other Stations properties, which can handle the poker boom and table games extremely well. We are the alternative for people, who don’t want to deal with large crowds."

Barley’s has its own brewery, woodfire pizza, several happy hours each day, a spring and fall outdoor concert series along with easy and available parking.

"It’s a neighborhood place where you can come in, make a quick wager with a writer in a real friendly environment," Caravalho said. "We know the people who come here. They are our guests and they’re treated as family. And we give them things not available at the larger venues."

The hottest item in the sports book is the portable sports speaker — a unit you can ask for on request and place on one of the viewing area tables. Customers can listen to any game shown on the multiple TV large screens.

"We are the only book that has such a device," Caravalho said. "It’s neat because people enjoy listening to games, and they can do so without disturbing anyone else. Plus, they can choose the game they want, not what the book has chosen to broadcast."

Barley’s also takes pride in its "old school" look. No electronic oddsboards. The magnetized boards and magic markers more than do the job. If not, the home brewed beer cost efficient and very tasty.

"I think the people enjoy seeing how sports books used to look," Caravalho said.

"We blend the old with the new. The speakers and electronic scoreboard ticker shows customers we want to provide the best means of servicing them."

Barley’s will again have its NFL Football Frenzy contest this fall and the book will be open as late as 3 a.m. on the weekends for taking bets.

"We see and respect the competition," Thompson explained. "Renata’s is right across the street and has its own sports book and bowling alley.

"We respect what they do. Here, it’s about our beer, our great employees and making our customers feel at home."