Orleans is great spot for a 2nd chance

Jun 27, 2005 12:33 AM

Carol, I know that satellites and super satellites are now under way out at The Orleans poker room and that you want me to invite all of the no limit hold ”˜em players to come on over on July 10 for the charity-based Junior and Senior World Championship of Poker.

I sure hope all the folks come over and take their chance at winning that $100,000 that you award each year to the winner.

Also, I know that you want me to thank The Orleans card room manager, Garrett Okahara, and his tournament director, Bryan, and his assistant directors — Tom, Merlin and Jim — plus all the dealers, the staff and of course The Orleans owners and management who help assure the continued success of the tournament.

This is a special event that is sponsored and approved by The Orleans and The Seniors World Championship of Poker.

Because it is for the benefit of The Seniors Charities, all poker players who are old enough to play in The Orleans card room are invited to come, have fun and take their shot at walking off with $100,000 in cash.

It’s not a million but still a nice piece of change.

I know, honey, that through your tireless efforts you have received approval from the IRS so that all contributions to the charity may be considered as a tax deduction on the poker players’ income tax returns.

I have been asked many times why the tournament is called the Junior and Senior WCOP, or sometimes the "second chance" tournament.

Well, the answer has at least two parts.

A friend does not like it when I name my poker tournament creations after myself. So I use other names.

For many years I have hosted a poker tournament inside of The Seniors WCOP annual tournament called the Junior/Senior Tag Team World Poker Championship. In this event, a senior player (one who was 50 years and older) could team up with his young wife or son or any other whippersnapper of his choice.

Thus, the senior and junior would form a partnership and tag each other in and out of the poker tournament, much like tag team wrestling.

Then I created a poker tournament called the Second Chance Poker Tournament designed for all the players who had played in the World Series of Poker and unlucky enough to lose all of their chips in the $10,000 championship of the WSOP.

The worst thing that can happen to a poker tournament player is to bust out of the tournament and not have another poker game in which to play. So, this led to the birth of the Second Chance in which players had a chance, not at a million, but a consolation prize of $100,000 or more.

Carol wanted me to help her raise money for the Nathan Adelson Hospice of which "Oklahoma Sarah" (our daughter) is a member of the Silk Butterfly outreach for children who are very ill, and Carol, who is a member of the Golden Monarch Council.

So, I combined the two events — The Junior and Senior World Tag Team Poker Championship and the Second Chance were combined.

And through the cooperation and help of the host hotel (The Orleans), we made it simple so that a junior and senior could play not as partners but as equal contestants — but still with a second chance during the finals of the World Series of Poker.

Break a leg, honey, I know that you will exceed all of your goals and again this year be able to raise a lot of money for charity and to award $100,000 or more to the winner of the Junior and Senior Word Championship of Poker Second Chance Tournament.

Try saying that three times without stuttering!

Until next time, remember to stay lucky.