Plenty of hitswith 9 way-9

Jul 4, 2005 2:53 AM

Let’s look at a trio of tickets, all of which have feature a 9 way-9. Nine-spots are fun tickets to play, though they have not been as popular in the last two decades since the big 8-spots arrived.

The interesting thing about these three tickets is that they are all sisters, related by the fact that they can be morphed into one another by changing one group, but they all have a 9 way-9. Nine-spots are fun because they pay out lots of small winners, especially when you play a number of ways on the ticket.

My favorite is the 15-spot, marked 4-4-4-1-1-1. Its symmetry guarantees that every spot on the ticket will share equally in all of the nine ways. I would be tempted to play the 15-spot and probably the 3 way-8. (I wouldn’t want to hit a 4-4 (a solid 8) and only get paid for an 8-out-of-nine.) If my bankroll would tolerate it, I would play the 9 way-5’s as well.

I probably would not play the 14-spot, first of all because it lacks symmetry, and also because on way-tickets of this type, the more numbers you play the better off you will be in general. But I have included it here for interest.

The 17-spot also lacks symmetry, but because it has more spots it is a bit more playable, and mathematically it is probably the equal of the symmetric 15-spot in expectation.

I would be tempted to add the 7 way-12 to the mix, producing a powerful winner if the right combo is hit.

That’s it for this week, Good luck! I’ll see you in line!




4 4 3 1 1 1

1 Way-14 3 Way-13 3 Way-12 2 Way-11

5 Way-10 9 Way-9 7 Way-8 4 Way-7

7 Way-6 9 Way-5 5 Way-4 2 Way-3

3 Way-2 3 Way-1


4 4 4 1 1 1

1 Way-15 3 Way-14 3 Way-13 1 Way-12

3 Way-11 9 Way-10 9 Way-9 3 Way-8

3 Way-7 9 Way-6 9 Way-5 3 Way-4

1 Way-3 3 Way-2 3 Way-1


4 4 4 3 1 1

1 Way-17 2 Way-16 1 Way-15 1 Way-14

5 Way-13 7 Way-12 3 Way-11 3 Way-10

9 Way-9 9 Way-8 3 Way-7 3 Way-6

7 Way-5 5 Way-4 1 Way-3 1 Way-2

2 Way-1