Let me countthe way 9-spots

Jul 11, 2005 12:31 AM

If you take 15 numbers and circle them — 3 3 3 2 2 2 — you get a variation of the old 4-way-9 field ticket, (6-3-3-3), but in this case the three deuces take the place of the field of six.

Since this old field ticket was among the very best of the 4-way-9s to play, it is indicative that this might be a very good ticket.

The ticket also has the very best 9-way-5, mainly because a 3-2 combination is the best way to play a way 5-spot. Since we will cover the total 15 spots with a wager also, we’ll start with 1-way-15, 4-way-9, and nine 5-spots for a total of 14 ways.

I have played the-9 way-8 on this ticket also many times, with some luck. I hit seven-out-of-eight once and quite a few six-out-of-eights, so the eights are an interesting play if your bankroll can support it.

There are also nine 7-spot ways on the ticket (just the inverse of the eights) and though I have never played them they are quite playable. Adding either the seven or the eights will result in a 23-way ticket ($11.50 per game at 50 cents per way) while adding both the sevens and eights will result in a 32-way ticket.

A cheaper but quite playable ticket with the same grouping is the 4-way-9 and 4-way-6, for a total of eight ways, or nine if you cover the 15. Since the sixes and nines are complimentary, any substantial hit on the 15 should result in a nice win.

I would not play the fours, threes or deuces myself as they contribute very little toward a successful outcome of your session. Here are all the ways:


1 -Way- 15 3 -Way- 13 3 -Way- 12 3 -Way- 11

9 -Way- 10 4 -Way- 9 9 -Way- 8 9 -Way- 7

4 -Way- 6 9 -Way- 5 3 -Way- 4 3 -Way- 3

3 -Way- 2


That’s it for this week! Good luck! I’ll see you in line!