Get set for 1st Red River Shootout

Jul 17, 2005 11:58 PM

Carol, today I would just like to relax a little with the folks. It has been a long poker tournament season and there is still a lot to come.

The just completed World Series produced a lot of stories, just look through the pages of GamingToday.

But I would like to talk to the folks for a little while about other happenings in the poker world.

This week, I will be hosting "The Seniors" at The Orleans Open on July 21 in Las Vegas. This is a great, traditional tournament in Las Vegas and The Orleans is a great venue for poker.

The folks must have been born on or before July 21, 1955 to play as a senior in this no limit poker tournament.

Then, we head back to the heartland of America, Oklahoma, where the food is good, people still say howdy and poker is now legal. I know where the catfish are biting and I may even go bass fishing.

I told the folks a few weeks ago that "Baja Oklahoma" hold’em poker, also known as Texas hold’em, was invented in Tulsa.

Then it came to Las Vegas, and now that poker is legal in Oklahoma, I have signed an agreement with the Cherokee Nations Enterprises to make their poker rooms in Oklahoma my poker home.

So, I am going to take poker back home and from September 28 through October 2, the CNE will host my 78th birthday party, I will be serving poker cake and green money to all my poker family.

I reminded the folks that Texas borrowed the name of Baja Oklahoma for its hold’em poker, but everyone knows that Oklahoma University always beats Texas University when we play football each second Saturday in October in Dallas.

Well, Berry Johnston, a member in good standing in The Seniors World Championship of Poker/ Poker Players Hall of Fame and I will captain the Oklahoma poker team that has issued a challenge to the Texas Poker team — captained by Amarillo Slim and Don Wolford — to see if they can sell a few cattle and bring the money up to my house and play us a little poker for the title — champion of the Red River Shootout of Hold’em Poker.

Now, if Oklahoma wins, for one year it will be known by its birth name — Baja Oklahoma hold’em, and if Texas gets lucky and sucks out — or for that matter if they even show up — we will just let them use the name Texas hold’em for another year.

It will only be fair for the Red River Shootout to be played at my house (my poker home is the CNE in Tulsa), because we go to their house in Dallas each year to play a little football.

Now, I would never say that there is ever any home cooking each year when we go down there to play football, but it is said that we spot them at least one touchdown when we cross the Red River.

I remember 50 odd years ago — when I was a student at Oklahoma University — that it was required that each "Rough Neck" (OU cheerleaders who drive the Boomer Schooner under the goalpost each time that OU scores a touchdown), was required to learn how to tie a hangman’s knot, so we could hang the referees in effigy once in a while.

Let the word go forth that the gauntlet has been laid down. The name of the game will be won on the table, that is, to see which name that hold’em poker should be called for the following year.

We hope that Texas Dolly can drop by and we hope that Bobby "The Owl" Baldwin will find time to fly in — there’s no telling who you will see at the Red River Shootout of Hold’em Poker.

Oh yes, we will film this classic for television, just like our football game.

Television networks will be crazy for this one

Until next time remember to stay lucky!