Senior Champ Paul McKinneyin Hall of Fame

Jul 25, 2005 5:13 AM

Carol, it sure was nice to have a few of our senior friends drop by and visit with us.

First, I want to thank my good friend Nolan Dalla, the World Series of Poker’s media director, for all of his kind words about us senior poker players.

Here is what Nolan had to say in the official WSOP report: "Two 71 year-old poker players have won open events within the past few days — O’Neil Longson (Event No. 30) and Doyle Brunson (Event No. 31) ”¦ It was expected that an elder player would win (Event No. 34) at this year’s World Series. After all, The Seniors World Poker Championship is only open to players aged 50 and up."

Nolan went on to praise the Seniors event winner as "remarkable ”¦ that this event was won by someone that is 80 years-old — Paul McKinney was born on January 6, 1925.

"He thus became the oldest winner ever in the World Series history. At 80 years, 5 months, and 28 days he eclipses the late Johnny Moss who won his eighth gold bracelet at age 76."

For his efforts, Paul McKinney took home $202,725 to count in Princeton, West Virginia.

After consulting with the members of The Seniors World of Poker Hall of Fame, we all agree that Paul has stood the test of time. Thus it is appropriate that we seek some of Paul’s secrets about life and poker — the living and playing of both.

"I like moonshine whisky, big cigars, and young women," Paul says.

With this simple aphorism in mind, my advisors have approved inviting Paul to join the membership of The Seniors WCOP/Poker Players Hall of Fame.

This invitation was extended to Paul and he has accepted the honor. He will be inducted as a member in good standing and we have agreed that he may select the tournament of his choice for this.

He will choose from the following events:

”¡ Seniors at Foxwoods, during their World Poker Finals

”¡ The Aviation Club at The European Seniors in Paris

”¡ The Oklahoma Johnny Hale Open Poker Tournament
in Tulsa, Oklahoma

”¡ World Series in Las Vegas next year

As soon as Paul makes his selection, you will be among the first to read it here on the pages of the oldest gaming newspaper in the world, GamingToday.

Until next time remember to stay lucky!