New device helps video poker players

Jul 26, 2005 1:05 AM

Someone’s been reading my mind ”¦ only they had the ambition to do something about what I’ve been preaching to others for years. How would you like to know that if you win and are able to stop and cash out, every time you do that you will take home whatever you’ve won? For video poker players, it sounds nearly impossible, does it not?

To begin, those who have been reading me for years have always known I’m not only a very strong advocate of this practice — I go a step further in setting pre-determined cash-out goals as a part of my winning Play Strategies. Now with this brand new product, the Winners Bank200 is the brainchild of a regular gambler who, for obvious reasons, constantly saw his early wins disappear before his very eyes. In short, he was tired of going home with empty pockets. You can read all about the developer and his thoughts at

One of the more common e-mails I get almost daily reads very similar to this: "Rob, I had the most fantastic trip to Las Vegas this past week ”¦ or at least most of it was." I hit a royal flush within my first 30 minutes of play, I hit another the next night, and the god of quads blessed me all through my third day of playing your Romp-Thru-Town Strategy!" I was going home the next morning and couldn’t sleep because of all the excitement, so I stayed up all night and -- wouldn’t you know it -- I lost every cent I won."

If you read any of the video poker forums occasionally, it’s always just a matter of time before you’ll spot a poster who’s crying in his or her beer. And guess why? Some go for two days, some four, and others stay for two weeks. And as sure as the sun gets hot in the Nevada desert, most of the posts start off by bragging about the prowess of their hits, piling all sorts of honey over the guru who sold them the program they practiced so diligently at home in order to become the "expert" they hoped they’d be.

But by far, the most common epilog goes something very close to this: "We had a GREAT time, and even though I came home half-a-dozen Benji’s (hundred dollar bills) in the hole, at least this trip I hit more than my share of royals and deuces." Or, as the more pathetic losers post: "Even though I was on a Royal Flush winning streak at the start, by the time I left I about broke even. I had a wonderful time, all my food and the room were free, my host is now my best friend and I couldn’t have asked for better weather."

Notice anything common between these two real live examples? Many times the poster goes on to say, "Oh well, I was playing with the casino’s money anyway after day one, so it was mostly on their nickel after that!" My friends, this is one of the worst possible positions any gambler can ever take, and unless a lesson is quickly learned after saying this nonsense even once, you are free to slap that non-removable label entitled "LOSER" on your forehead for all time.

These attitudes are hardly limited to the video poker player, but since video poker offers an interactive personal experience where one is able to take the time to do whatever they like whenever they like without a host of others watching them, it is this game that we find the highest percentage of players who easily become addicted and cannot control how they react to winning or losing. Putting it all back in and more is a standard trait that plagues the video poker player more than any other casino game.

So how does one combat this weakness? Well in my case, I’ve been able to control my play rather than having the casinos control me, and it has been that way since I made my mind up and became obsessed with doing that in early 1997. From my experience talking to thousands since that time, few have that ability, and in fact, most will admit to being compelled to keep on playing even after winning more in one hand than they ever thought possible.

Worse still are those who slowly destroy themselves daily. They go out and say they want to have a beer and play some video poker. They get ahead a little or a lot most of the time they play, yet they go home without the grocery money time after time. Although not at the pathological pace of those chasing slot club promotions, it’s a toss-up as to who should rush in to see Dr. Phil first.

What all this really comes down to is the Winners Bank200. It is, undeniably, the answer to nearly every gambler’s woes. It’s like a piggy bank, only far stronger and with a very effective lock. But you keep the key at home, and unless you go bonkers with a very well-built screwdriver and a hammer, you will not be able to open it until you get inside your home.

How much will it hold? I don’t know the answer yet, but I stuffed 31 bills into the unit (which seems slightly larger than a cassette case) this morning with the conveniently supplied/easy to use bill assistant, and the slot is just wide enough to accept casino chips too if you’re into taking them home until next time. It is not made for the gambler who comes into town with a lot of money and expects to win a lot of money because it just won’t hold all the winnings. It is made, however, for 95% of all players, and it will help most of them go home with their winnings.

I’m not one to promote a myriad of gaming products because people have a hard enough time holding onto their money inside casinos. But when this product came to me for a look, it instantly became clear that, just like coinless machines, the Winners Bank200 goes hand-in-hand with my Play Strategies. You know that disgusted feeling you get as you travel home from a session where you were ahead but stayed on just to give it all back and come home with nothing ”¦ again? Those days are over.

and come home with nothing ”¦ AGAIN? Those days are over.