EFX leans toward Rock ’n’ Roll

Dec 19, 2000 6:27 AM

EFX, the stage spectacular at the MGM Grand, will be revised to add more rock ”˜n’ roll to match up the show with its new star, Rick Springfield.

Grammy and American Music Award winning Springfield recently completed a 150-date concert tour. In addition to selling more than 18 million records, he appeared in the film, "Suddenly Susan," and starred in "Hard to Hold" on the Silver Screen. He starred in numerous television series and then capped it off playing heartthrob Dr. Noah Drake in "General Hospital."

"Starring in a major Las Vegas production such as EFX will allow me to do what I love most: mix theater and music," Springfield said. He makes his debut in EFX on Tuesday, Jan. 30, the same day his first album in 12 years is released

The challenge will be to take this award-winning and popular show to the next level. He is expected to be more interactive with the audience. The EFX theatre has 6,000 lights and 85,000 watts of stereo power. For ticket information, call 800-929-1111 or, locally, 891-7777.

Best Night Out---Comedy legends brought to life

Following the success of other impersonation or "tribute" shows throughout Las Vegas, The New Frontier began its new policy of offering entertainment with "Legends of Comedy," featuring Eddie Carroll as the great Jack Benny.

Others in the cast include Marcel Forestieri as Jay Leno, Tina People as Roseanne, Bill Sacra as Rodney Dangerfield, and Chuck Fraher as George Burns. Shows are at 7 and 10:30 p.m. except Tuesdays with tickets at $26.95 plus tax. Call 702-794-8200.

Canadian-born Carroll has been acting since high school. While working on a film in 1982, a crewmember moved a piece of equipment and ruined a "take." Carroll, in his best Jack Benny impression, blurted out, "Oh for heaven’s sake, Rochester." The cast and crew broke up and the director immediately called a friend who had been looking for a Jack Benny impersonator.

The next year Carroll opened in Santa Monica in a one-man show called, "A Small Eternity with Jack Benny." Standing room only crowds made the show a success, which continued on a road tour.

Carroll has appeared in hundreds of commercials on television and has been the voice of Jiminy Crickett for Walt Disney productions for the past 24 years.

Marcel Forestieri has all of the Leno mannerisms perfected, even down to the jutting jaw. When Leno saw his act, Forestieri was invited to appear on “The Tonight Show” with Leno.

Tina People’s sharp wit as Roseanne is considered right on the mark, while Bill Sacra’s routine as the man who gets no respect always gathers sympathy from the audience.

People have been stunned when they believe they see George Burns walking on the stage. Chuck Fraher’s portrayal has often been called “eerie.” The 70-minute show was created by Bill Kirchenbauer who did stand-up for many years and is known for his role as Coach Lubbock in the sitcom “Growing Pains” and as the star of ABC’s “Just the Ten of Us.” Executive producer is Art Vieluf.