Home dogs best way to wager

Sep 13, 2005 2:57 AM

Just give me all the home teams! That’s what my friend says each time NFL football comes up as a topic of discussion. He does no handicapping, zilch. I didn’t realize until last weekend what he’s been trying to tell me for 20 years. He’s an absolute genius! Home teams went 10-5 against the spread. Faves were 9-6.

It was a tough day to be a dawg-backer. Unless you know when to hold those doggies and know when to fold’em. I’m as surprised as anyone that I emerged from the dog-blitz with a 10-5 mark. But as we always say, I’ll take it!

I wonder how many home teams will cover this week? Hummmm?

Ravens -4 at Titans: Many thought Titans were facing major reconstruction. After Week 1 in Pittsburgh, it looks like Fisher might have to bulldoze the entire house and start over. RAVENS.

Steelers -5 at Texans: Two tough draws for Texans. Steelers D is tough, but not as quick and nasty as Buffalo. Carr limited to 9-of-21 pass completions and Davis held to 48 yards on 14 carries. Houston should be a hungry home dog! TEXANS.

Jags + -7 at Colts: These clubs always seem to play a tight game. Jags can be overpowering on defense and picked Hasselbeck three times last week. Manning will not have a cake-walk. Jags offense making noise with Fred Taylor and Jimmy Smith. JAGS.

Giants -3 vs. Saints: My prayers are with all those pour souls of New Orleans and everywhere else where Katrina struck. A few of the prayers of Saints fans were answered last Sunday as they upset Carolina. America’s new team could do it again.


Lions -2 -½ at Bears: Harrington stepped up to the plate and delivered a division-changing, game winning blow over the Pack. Joey will give similar effort in Chicago. Kyle Orton was respectable in covering against Skins. Tougher competition here. LIONS

Vikings +3 at Bengals: Carson Palmer was able to dish out passes to many different targets against Browns. Chad Johnson and Houshmandzadeh should have big days again. Culpepper misses his big target, WR Randy Moss. BENGALS.

49ers +10 at Eagles: Just a question of will the Eagles show any mercy? There’s no comparison in any area. EAGLES.

Bills +2 at Bucs: Tampa Bay upset Vikes in Minnesota with strong defensive effort and big run by the Cadillac. Ask Domanick Davis how smooth the drive might be versus ferocious Bills’ D? P.J. Losman surprised more than a few critics with no turnovers in Week 1. BILLS.

Patriots -3 at Panthers: Belicheck overpowered the Raiders without his defensive or offensive coordinator from a year ago. Panthers a very popular pick to give the Eagles a run for their money in NFC. Carolina better make a statement here or they won’t have any rent money for the end of the month. PANTHERS.

Falcons +3 at Seahawks: Seattle fans are growing impatient with Holmgren and Hasselbeck. I’m not saying Holmgren’s on the hot seat, but as he ran out of Jacksonville last Sunday, it did appear that his pants were on fire! Falcons will throw more frustration and confusion at Hasselbeck. FALCONS.

Rams -1 at Cardinals: Kurt Warner’s going to have to show me more before I believe he’s back. Right now I’m a big disbeliever. Warner threw the ball 46 times and Arrington had five carries for eight yards! RAMS.

Dolphins +6 at Jets: Two weeks ago the pick would have been Jets without blinking an eye. But KC made the Jets look like a high school team. Miami displayed a new aggressive defense and Gus Frerotte came up big against Denver. On top of all that, Chad Pennington’s arm is a big question mark. DOLPHINS.

Browns +7 at Packers: Neither team looks to be going in reverse this season. Browns may have the stronger running game believe it or not. BROWNS.

Chargers +2 at Broncos: Denny The Dog picked a winner last week going against Jake The Snake. After two picks I think Jake is vulnerable again, even at home. Champ Bailey left last week’s game with separated shoulder. Chargers should be a live dawg! CHARGERS.

Chiefs -2 at Raiders: Chiefs appeared ready for the Super Bowl last week, nearly pitching a shutout! Kerry Collins looks like a dear-in-headlights when the game is on the line. And so does head coach Dork Turner! CHIEFS.

Redskins +6 at Cowboys: Skins struggled to barely beat a rookie QB. Bledsoe not spectacular but threw for three TDs and no turnovers in leading Dallas to see-saw victory over San Diego on the road. COWBOYS.

Last week: 10-5

Season: 10-5