DEQ acquires DP Stud

Sep 13, 2005 7:46 AM

DEQ Systems Corp. recently announced the acquisition of Las Vegas-based DP Stud, which specializes in the leasing of casino table games and electronic side betting systems.

The transaction, according to the principles, should benefit all parties.

"DP Stud has been a member of the DEQ family for many years," said Lou De Gregorio, chief operating officer (COO) of DP Stud. "DP Stud is a firm believer in the potential of DEQ products and we are very excited about integrating into the DEQ group.

"DEQ’s technological leadership combined with DP Stud’s commercialization capacity is a perfect fit," De Gregorio continued.

DEQ Systems is recognized as a worldwide provider of electronic side betting systems that enhance the performance of casino table game play. The company holds an extensive international patent portfolio that is the basis of its product line. Overall, the company has over 500 systems in 130 casinos in 40 countries worldwide.

DP Stud has been an active player in the gaming manufacturing sector in Nevada. It holds the exclusive patent rights to Caribbean Stud poker side betting systems in the state, and is a provider of Pai Gow poker products as well.

DP Stud counts among its customers the most prestigious casinos in Nevada. And it is that connection that DEQ Systems plans to utilize.

DEQ officials said acquiring DP Stud will allow the company to "penetrate" the Nevada market through DP’s solid connections.

In addition, the acquisition will provide strategic visibility for the introduction and proliferation of DEQ’s products. The company recently received authorization from Nevada regulators for its Blackjack electronic side-betting system called "Lucky Jacks & Queens."

By integrating DEQ’s side bet technology with DP Stud’s poker systems, progressive jackpots and bonusing, casino customers will be able to choose from a full spectrum of side betting technology and products.

"Side betting means increased coin-in for casino tables," De Gregorio said. "Electronic side betting means data, accounting and reports as well as eliminating side bet fraud and theft.

"The DEQ’s patented multi-bet electronic side bet coupled with the patented bonusing system is exactly what the industry has been waiting for."

Now that the companies’ assets have been combined, casinos can expect some exciting innovations in the near future.

In addition to enhancing the existing DP product lines, the melding with DEQ technology will be the basis of the roll-out of multiple bet electronic side-betting systems into numerous other table games such as blackjack, due to the significant revenue increase attributed to multiple side betting.

"Caribbean Stud is known worldwide in the table game industry and DEQ will not only bring new life to this game, but will use this combined technology, patent and authorization base to specifically target the virtually untapped blackjack market," said Earle G. Hall, president and CEO of DEQ. "Nevada is key to our USA growth plan and business vision. We wanted to merge our efforts with a recognized local leader with an outstanding reputation and the commercialization capacity for growth with us. The acquisition is a natural and logical step to accelerate our revenue objectives for the coming 12-16 months."