Signature Series looks
at key gaming issues

Sep 13, 2005 8:25 AM

Where has the emergence of amenities come from and where is it going? What do gaming communities really think about having casinos in their backyards? What can F&B do for a casino’s bottom line? Will Wall Street ever value the casino industry?

The answers to these questions and more will be addressed by senior leaders from relevant sectors of the industry as part of G2E’s Signature Series, a quartet of roundtable events providing high-level, in-depth discussion of some of the key issues impacting gaming.

The Signature Series kicks off on Tuesday with "Amenities: Is Non-Gaming Business the Future of the Gaming Industry?" which will introduce this year’s G2E FutureWatch Series research survey results. The panel of experts will take a closer look at the boom in amenities like spas, nightclubs, retail centers and more, and predict which trends will have staying power.

On Wednesday, "State of the States: Good News and How to Use It" will take center stage as panelists discuss the findings of the American Gaming Association’s annual State of the States survey, the most comprehensive information resource available on the state of gaming in the U.S.

Also on Wednesday, the new Food and Beverage Signature panel, "Make Me Hungry: Trends of the Casino Food & Beverage Marketplace," will bring together leading food and beverage directors in gaming to discuss the latest trends and developments in this delicious discipline of the gaming business.

The Series will conclude Thursday morning with a look at the financial realities of the industry. "Wall Street Wisdom: Gaming Analyst and CFO Roundtable" will discuss recent developments in the gaming industry, including consolidation, gaming legalization, slot replacement cycles and Class II vs. Class III classifications, and their impact on the Wall Street outlook.