Dawgs not barking like those homies

Sep 20, 2005 2:18 AM

Hang in there dog lovers. Things have to get better because it can’t get any worse! Can it?

My buddy Freddy The Fave is livin’ the life at 18-12 through last Sunday evening. The only guy laughing louder right now is Homer Simpson. The home teams are blowing the point spreads away at 20-10. The home cookin’ is just boiling over at 66 percent.

Home dawgs are not barking quite as loud, sitting nicely at 6-5. The only people feeling worse than dog backers are supporters of the Ravens, Raiders, Texans, Chargers, Packers, Vikings and Cards. The magnificent seven are winless. None of the six teams that began 0-2 last season made the playoffs. Since 1978, 0-2 teams have reached the money games only 25 times.

I want that fantastic feeling of double digits in the victory column back from Week 1. And, the security that fat bankroll brings along with it isn’t too shabby either.

Titans +6 at Rams: The youngest team in the league will show how inexperienced they are this week in St. Louis. Mike Martz scares the heck out of me as usual, but Rams have the most talent by a long shot. Stephen Jackson is going to have a breakout game after running for 93 yards at Arizona. RAMS.

Raiders +7 at Eagles: Raiders look like they have the firepower to cover this number. Eagles were in a foul mood after Trotter’s ejection against Atlanta and took out their frustrations on the Niners. Raiders might have chance to catch the Eagles napping. Oakland is in the foul mood now after opening the season 0-2. RAIDERS.

Bengals -3 at Bears: Neither team has lost any money, each 2-0 ATS. Tough match-up to handicap. Bears have only allowed 15 points in two games and Bengals are blowing opponents away. I have to side with the more experienced QB. Carson Palmer looks unflappable. No turnovers last week for QB Kyle Orton against Detroit. No zero in that category this week. BENGALS.

Jags +4 at Jets: Many were in shock as the Jags defense shut down Peyton Manning completely in the first half. I was already a believer in the Jags’ D. I’m not a believer in Chad Pennington’s arm. Although he looked much better against Miami, his passes to the sidelines were well timed rainbows that lacked the zip he’s going to need this week. Byron Leftwich played the final two minutes hurt at Indy, but I’m backing the Jags with or without him. Garrard is very capable if Leftwich can’t go. JAGS.

Saints +3 at Vikings: How scared of a disastrous season are you if you’re a Vikes’ fan? I think you’re so scared you want your mommy. If not your mommy, at least your offensive coordinator, center or Randy Moss back! Saints are America’s team at least for one more week. SAINTS.

Panthers -3½ at Dolphins:Huge win for Panthers over world champs after losing a 6-foot-4, 335-pound run clogger in DT Kris Jenkins. They should be able to shut down Miami’s run and turn Julius Peppers loose on Gus Frerotte. PANTHERS.

Browns +14 at Colts: I’m afraid of how high this number may go. So I’m not going to back this big price. BROWNS.

Falcons +2 at Bills: Buffalo can only hope that J.P. Losman learned from the pressure he received in Tampa Bay. Falcons can bring the same heat, but the feeling here is that Losman is going to rebound. And it’s definitely time for the Bills to break out McGahee! BILLS.

Bucs +3 at Packers: Green Bay defense looks like the cheese on top of the fans’ heads. Bucs have only permitted eight first downs over two weeks and haven’t allowed an offensive TD yet. BUCS.

Cards +7 at Seahawks: Cards were supposed to be a much improved team, a club to strike fear into the eyes of opponents. So far the only thing I see them striking fear into is my bankroll. Seahawks should have a big edge here with Hasselback over Warner, and Alexander over Shipp. Key word, should. Holmgren will find a way to keep this close. CARDS.

Patriots +3 at Steelers: Pats look vulnerable over the middle. Still think they miss Teddy. They’re also having problems running the football. But I can’t pass on the world champions as underdogs! PATRIOTS.

Cowboys -6 at 49ers: After watching the Eagles destroy San Francisco, I only have one question. How in the world did the Niners beat the Rams? Oh, I remember now, something about Mike Martz. COWBOYS.

Giants +3½ at Chargers:Nearly every ball bounced San Diego’s way last season. Drew’s breeze may be blowing footballs in a different direction this year. Especially, if Brees keeps making tosses like he did to Champ Bailey in Denver. GIANTS.

Chiefs +3 at Broncos: Hard to fire away on Denver even though they’re coming off big win over Chargers. Chiefs grounded the Jets and then came right back on the road to beat Oakland. KC’s Trent Green, Priest Holmes and a new defense all seem to be moving in the right direction. CHIEFS.

Last week: 7-7

Season: 18-12