Cell phone logicjust escapes me

Sep 20, 2005 5:30 AM

I spent another eye opening day in the book this past Sunday, taking in the NFL and betting some ponies. After living in Las Vegas for 27 years, one would think he’s seen it all. Guess again.

I know there is a rule that you can’t use your cell phone in the race and sports book area, so if I get a call or want to make one I leave the book to take are of business. Well, I was standing by the bar about 100 yards from the book when a security guard starts leaning to see if he can see the sports board from where I am standing.

He then says you can see the board from here, but you can’t use your phone. I could see the board, but you could not read anything. He said that didn’t matter, the board could be seen and that it was necessary for me to leave. Talk about ridiculous. Come on, someone out there has to do something! I’m sure these security guards have other duties besides harassing customers.

Or do they?

As for horse racing, the sport is begging for new customers except in New York, where it’s going down the tubes fast. Then you take Delaware Park, which boasts some of the highest purses in the game. Well, I took a look at Delaware this past Sunday and decided on a little daily double in the second and third races.

The first horse won and paid $6.00 and my second pick won and paid $29.20. You would think I would have gotten back my football losses. Well, the DD paid a whopping $20. I don’t think you will attract fans with that skullduggery.

Like I said, you really haven’t seen it all.