Keno on ashoestring: trythe 8-spot

Sep 27, 2005 12:40 AM

What is a suitable strategy for keno play if we’re operating on a short bankroll, say $10? Are certain tickets better than others in this circumstance? With this series of columns we’ll labor to answer this question.

When I ran a simulation of playing an 8-spot on a short bankroll, I ran 1,000,000 players each playing $10, for a total of $10,000,000 worth of keno. The average return per player was $7.18 for $10 played, which is very close to the expected return.


The players hit:

5 out of 8: 183,144 times


6 out of 8: 23,704 times


7 out of 8: 1,586 times


8 out of 8: 46 times



Overall, 38,708 players hit $10 or more, thus at least breaking even. This is a good 5% more than the 6-spot we discussed last week generated, with the same house percentage.

Plus, 25,336 players hit $100 or more, which is a little worse than the 6-spot figure.

Moreover, 1,632 players hit $1,000 or more, compared to 1,289 for the 6-spot (much better than the 6-spot.) And a lucky 46 players hit $10,000 or more, compared to none with the 6-spot. Remember, this on a $10 bankroll. Need I say more?

As I’ve stated in the past, the best thing about the 8-spot compared to the 6-spot is the 7-out-of-8 award, which is quite a bit easier to hit than the 6-out-of-6, (once every 6,232 games as opposed to once every 7,753 games, respectively), though the pay out is the same at most keno games.

In addition, once you’ve hit the 7-out-of-8, you still have a chance of hitting the solid 8, at least up until the last drawn number. This is a no-brainer. The 8-spot is vastly superior to the 6-spot.

Compared to the 6-spot, on a scale of one to five spikes, with five being the highest, Keno Lil rates the 8-spot played on a short bankroll as:





Here is our comparison so far:


WIN: $10 $100 $1,000 $10,000


Six 33,135 32,147 1,289 0


Eight 38,708 25,336 1,632 46


If you want to play an 8-spot way ticket, you should generally stick to groups of four because they give you the best win frequency.

The only modification to this rule is if you want to play some other ways, like fives, when you’ll split your ticket into fives and threes, or threes and twos. In a couple of months I’ll do a few columns on the best 8-spot ways.

Well, that’s it for now. Good luck! I’ll see you in line!