NFL Week 3 belonged to dogs

Sep 27, 2005 5:33 AM

Oh, those dirty dawgs! They came roaring back after getting their tails whacked the first two weeks of the season. The good guys covered 8-of-13 point spreads last Sunday.

Here’s hoping the dawgs keep howling. The homies cooled off to 5-7-1 after a sizzling start.

Chargers +6½ at Patriots: San Diego was desperate for a win Sunday night and responded by hammering the G-men. Bolts may have a slight edge here because of injuries to starting offensive left tackle Matt Light and Rodney Harrison. Both went down and out in the Steelers game. Corey Dillon finally broke out last week, but both games prior he was a no-show. San Diego will take advantage of Pats’ weaknesses on special teams. CHARGERS.

Broncos +2 at Jags: Byron Leftwich is double tough, playing through some injuries that would put many of his peers on the bench. Fred Taylor runs well enough to win the money every week. Jimmy Smith walks a tight-rope with his catches and then accelerates down the tight-rope and leaps into end-zones like an acrobat! My mind can’t erase Denver’s last road performance at Miami. JAGS.

Texans +10½ at Bengals: Cincy still one of the five undefeated teams left standing. Will the Bengals slow down here against a reeling Houston club? Serious behind-the-scenes whispers about the development of David Carr. Cincy numbers beginning to feel over-inflated. Dom Capers demanding attention after firing Chris Palmer and benching two former first round selections. TEXANS.

Colts -7½ at Titans: All the experts had Peyton breaking out against the Brownies. Didn’t happen. It’s long overdue and this might be the right defense to ignite the offensive fireworks. Titans don’t have enough weapons to protect McNair. Let the fireworks begin! COLTS.

Eagles +3 at Chiefs: Raiders gave Philly all they could handle. Eagles couldn’t win the money although they did manage the win. Philly lost moolah 2-of-3 weeks. Chiefs have short week, but Vermeil will have players and fans up for this big home game. Eagles have a question mark on kicking game after Akers injury. CHIEFS.

Lions +6 at Bucs: Cadillac Williams is first running back to start career with three straight 100-yard rushing games. Offensive line hasn’t received the credit they deserve. Bucs 3-0 for first time in six years! Lions haven’t scored many big pass plays for all the big play receivers they’ve stocked. Bucs number nearly as inflated as Bengals. LIONS.

Rams +2½ at Giants: Mike Martz’s team kills me every week. Two evenly inconsistent clubs. Give the edge to the home team. GIANTS.

Bills -1 at Saints: Finally, Saints have a semi-home game in San Antonio. It’s not even in their state, but it’s closer than New York. Saints should be able to take advantage of rookie QB J.P. Losman, who looks lost in the woods right now. No Takeo Spikes won’t hurt Saints’ chances either. SAINTS.

Seahawks +2½ at Skins: What were the oddmakers smokin’ before they concocted this price? Throw out the last four minutes of that miraculous win over Dallas and the Skins might have been voted the worst team in the NFL. In fact, they still might get my vote. Shaun Alexander ran for 140 yards and 4 TDs versus Arizona and that made Matt Hasselbeck’s arm look anything but sore! SEAHAWKS.

Jets +3 at Ravens: Tough to hang a number up when you don’t know who is going to quarterback the Jets. Chad Pennington completed 9-of-19 for 76 yards, two picks and a shoulder injury. Jay Fiedler came in and tossed 2-of-3 completions for 19 yards before injuring his shoulder. I wouldn’t want either of these QBs attempting to carry the team on their shoulders. Alexander Wright no bargain but presumably he’s healthy! RAVENS.

Vikes +4 at Falcons: One win against the Saints does not make me a believer in Minnesota. Culpepper still has 10 turnovers, including eight interceptions in his first two games. Falcons shut down Eagles, limiting them to 10 points in their last home game. FALCONS.

Cowboys +3 at Raiders: If the Eagles had their hands full trying to beat Oakland, the Cowboys could be in real trouble here. Without any doubt, Raiders played the toughest schedule of any 0-3 team, losing to Pats, Chiefs and Eagles! RAIDERS.

49ers PK vs. Cards: By playing this one in Mexico City, Cards get a little taste of what the Saints have to go through. Any truth to the rumor that both teams will be bringing their own water? Kurt Warner went down and Josh McCown is no bargain. Tim Rattay looks like he might have some upside in this contest. NINERS.

Packers +7½ at Panthers: What’s up with the Pack? First home loss to Bucs since 1989! It’s not just the cheese that has Packer backers bound up. Might have something to do with the 0-3 start. First reaction was to lay the points. But Favre’s pride may allow Pack to cover in front of a national television audience. PACKERS.

Last week: 5-7-1

Season: 23-21-1