‘Deuces’ on a short bankroll are not so very wild

Oct 17, 2005 2:18 AM

What is a favorable strategy for keno play if we’re laboring on a short bankroll, say $10? Are certain tickets more favorable than others in this circumstance? With this group of columns we’ll engage to answer this question.

When we played $10,000,000 worth of 2-spots on our computer, we ended up with 600,790 solid 2’s, and the average return for the player was $7.18 for a $10 investment. Since I corrected the usual $12 return to $11.91 (to give us the same 28.41% return as our benchmark 6-spot) for the purposes of this operation, this is just about the average return we’d expect.

Moreover, 460,698 players out of the million hit $10 or more, thus breaking even or better. (Well, by implication, all these folks were more prosperous, since the deuce pays $12 in the real world.)

In fact, these propitious winners had an average return of $15.65. That’s the good news. In terms of breaking even or better, the 2-spot played on a short bankroll is far better than any of the tickets we’ve looked at so far: The 6, the 8, the 5, or the 4-spot tickets.

Now the bad news: You can’t win a C-note or more playing this ticket with a short bankroll. The query is an absurdity. You’d have to hit a deuce nine-out-of-10 games in order to win over a hundred dollars, and the odds against that are very long.

No players out of a million players won a hundred dollars or more playing 2-spots. Of course, you can’t win a grand or ten grand either. That’s the dilemma with this ticket. Essentially, if you’re gambling just to break even, why gamble?

Well, I’m reminded of a joke. This keno player (not me!) was out and about Reno one night, and someone asked her how she was doing. She said, "I sure hope I break even tonight, because I need the money!" Uh-huh.

On a scale of one to five spikes, with five spikes being the highest, the 2-spot played on a short bankroll gets a rating of one spike:

It might even deserve a 1/2 spike or no spike rating, but one spike looks a lot better!


Here is a comparison of our results so far:


WIN= $10.00 $100.00 $1000.00 $10,000.00


Two 460,698 0 0 0


Four 41,001 30,523 0 0


Five 72,426 6,436 0 0


Five S 11,624 6,321 6,321 0


Six 33,135 32,147 1,289 0


Eight 38,708 25,336 1,632 46


The 8-spot is still leading choice for short-bankrollers.

Well, that’s it for now. Good luck! I’ll see you in line!