‘Slot pad’ offers reel relief for the wrist weary

Dec 26, 2000 12:02 PM

Slot players who spend long hours spinning their favorite reels no longer have to fight wrist fatigue, thanks to a new product, the Player’s Wrist Pad, introduced by Las Vegas-based J&T Inc.

"A common request of many of our clients, mainly slot managers and casino executives, has been for upright machine enhancements that would allow for a more comfortable playing experience," said John Rolofson, J&T’s owner and president. "Players don’t sit long in an uncomfortable chair, nor do they stay long if they are tired of holding their arms up in the air."

J&T’s answer to the problem is a new line of ergonomic gaming products specifically designed to enhance player’s comfort while plugging away at the machines.

The first product was the Wrist Pad, especially designed for players at upright slot machines. It is a weight-bearing wrist support pad created to allow comfortable play for an extended length of time, while simultaneously reducing fatigue to the wrists, arms and back.

The Wrist Pad can be attached to most slot machines, even after they’ve been delivered to the casino. It has been tested and approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, and is currently in use in many Las Vegas casinos, including the California, Flamingo, Arizona Charlie’s and Sunset Station.

So far, the response to the Wrist Pad by casino operators has been favorable.

"The response by players has been positive," said Jay Fennel, director of slot operations for Sunset Station. "There has been a positive noticeable increase on machine play equipped with Player’s Wrist Pads."

Linda Ludwig, the slot shift manager at Arizona Charlie’s East, added, "The response has been very positive, from everyone that has used them to the employees.

The California Hotel has also noted increased player comfort levels, and longer play at machines equipped with the pads.