On a shortbankroll, try12’s for fun

Oct 24, 2005 2:25 AM

What is the suitable strategy for keno play if we’re operating on a short bankroll, say $10? Are certain tickets better than others in this circumstance? With this series of columns we’ll attempt to expand upon this exploration.

When we played $10,000,000 worth of 12-spots (a million players playing a $10 bankroll) we obtained these results:


6 out of 12 321,859


7 out of 12 70,262


8 out of 12 10,180


9 out of 12 955


10 out of 12 55


11 out of 12 4


12 out of 12 0

As an outcome, the average player received $7.18 back for every $10 played, which was negligibly more than what we would expect. (We compensated the payouts on the 12-spots to balance the 28.41 percent house percentage of our benchmark 6-spot.)

Overall, 118,472 players won $10 or more, thus breaking even or better about 12 percent of the time. Compare this to the 6-spot, where 33,105 broke even (3 percent), or the 8-spot where 38,708 broke even or better (almost 4 percent).

The 12-spot looks pretty good so far! In addition, 11,194 players won $100 or more, thus multiplying their bankroll by a factor of 10. The 6- players hit $100 or more 32,147 times, roughly three times as often. The 8-spot players won $100 or more 25,336 times, at least two times as often as our 12.

This doesn’t look so good for the 12-spot: 1,014 players won $1,000 or more, thus multiplying their bankroll by a factor of a hundred. Six-spot players hit over a grand 1,289 times, while 8-spot players accomplished this 1,632 times. The 12-spot is a loser here. Four players won $10,000 or more, thus increasing their bankroll by a thousand fold. None of the 6-spot players won $10,000 or more, but 46 8-spot players hit $10,000 or more.

It might surprise you, but it is without question that the 12-spot has a much better chance of breaking even than the six or the eight when played on a short bankroll. The 12-spot falls down when $100 winners are arbitrated, but holds its own on winners of a grand or more. The 12-spot trumps the six, but yields to the eight where large ($10, 000 or more) winners are concerned.

All things determined, Lil has to rate the 12-spot on a short bankroll higher than a 6-spot but lower than an 8-spot. On a scale of one to five spikes, with five being the highest, the 12-spot on a short bankroll gets three spikes:




Here is a summary of our results so far:


WIN= $10 $100 $1,000 $10,000


Two 460,698 0 0 0


Four 41,001 30,523 0 0


Five 72,426 6,436 0 0


Five S 11,624 6,321 6,321 0


Six 33,135 32,147 1,289 0


Eight 38,708 25,336 1,632 46


Twelve 118,472 11,194 1,014 4


Well, that’s it for now. Good luck! I’ll see you in line!