Downtown oils its revolving door

Oct 25, 2005 12:32 AM

My, my, it is amazing what a little mud slinging does. The cat fight between Frank Marino and Kenny Kerr is escalating, with Frankie now hiring an attorney.

Frank’s "La Cage" boss deserves a slap in the puss for what he is doing to our beloved Las Vegas drag icon. I can just feel the pain Frankie is going through. Stay tuned because this one is far from over.

I love Petula Clark’s song "Downtown" and I enjoy visiting some of our mayor’s favorite hangouts because they’re always changing their entertainment attractions.

The latest, as I indicated would happen a few weeks ago, is the Lady Luck. John Stuart’s "Ovation" has been given the royal boot, but the promoter, who has more than nine lives, has found a new home at the Plaza starting in November. He’ll follow young magician Curtis Adams nightly.

Adams, by the way, had the press in last week, and did leave a lasting impression. Everyone reported the food was "great" while the performance was "ordinary."

And then we have Hogs and Heifers, which I love and adore. Michelle and the girls are sensational and business is booming. They offer surprises every night and you might even find me holding court.

And what is happening with the Golden Nugget? My spies tell me that a number of current Strip acts are attempting to get into "bed" with the new owners and their 1,200-seat showroom. Strip showrooms are at a premium as the hotels are eying younger demographics and pushing the 55-plus crowd out. Downtown may be their salvation. After all, I’m just a tad past 55, and I know I deserve a place to play and hang out!

Andrew Clay, the "Diceman," and his funny, filthy humor is holding court at the Luxor for three weeks. This man is hilarious. He’s dirty, but what he says is certainly the truth about us all. I’m a fan and have been for years. Luxor chief Felix Rappaport and entertainment honcho Mike Hartzel are really mixing it up at the hotel. Frankie Valli is up next followed by Rodney Carrington and Barry Humphries, who we all know as Dame Edna. I can’t get a gig and this drag is headlining!

Carrot Top gets a permanent gig at the hotel in mid-November, sharing the Atrium showroom with Anita Mann’s "Fantasy." By the way, my darling Anita and her young, macho choreographers with their tight bodies have done wonders with the show.

And don’t forget "Hairspray," straight from New York with Harvey Feinstein starring, premieres in February. Wow, the Luxor is becoming the hot MGM Mirage property!

Opps, I almost forgot to mention RA, where Felix and Mike held the opening night party for the Diceman and introduced the media to "Exotique," a celebration of "Euro-tainment." It is exotic, erotic and European. It is performance art offered as part of the nightclub experience with Flava serving as ringmistress. Even at my age, I’d consider switching over if she would pay attention to me. Now that’s hot!

A local tradition comes to an end when The Boardwalk shutters in January to make way for the MGM Mirage’s Project CityCenter. Does anyone remember the old Boardwalk, with its retro, Art Deco façade, before it became a Holiday Inn?

The Westward Ho will follow soon for the same reason. Just last week Boyd Gaming closed Bourbon Street. What is the fate of the Tropicana and the Stardust? We are becoming a city of mega resorts with high rises, bigger casinos, and even residential housing.

But the workers at the casinos who make minimum wage surely can’t afford half-million dollar townhouses. How can they afford to live here?

My reliable sources tell me that two top hotels are considering creating an ultra elegant alternative nightclub. The owners of the International Gay Alternative Elegant Clubs were in town for hush, hush meetings to bring an ultra gay European alternative night club to Las Vegas. Stay tuned.