Cup midweek? No way

Nov 1, 2005 12:14 AM

Would having the Breeders’ Cup in prime time during the week enhance wagering on the Super Bowl of all thoroughbred racing?

No! In fact, it would hurt.

"If this were held during the week, we would have half the crowd," said Eric St. Clair, race and sports manager at Rampart. "The advantage to us that the races are held on a Saturday is that many customers plan their trips to Vegas for the weekend. That means bigger payouts off larger track handles (wherever the Cup is held)."

St. Clair said that action at his book was "as brisk as in past years."

"We have reserved seats for our regulars, who always come up for the Cup," he said. "The fact the Cup is held on a Saturday is good. College and pro football betting is spread out and the horse race crowd is different than sports bettors."

The Cup betting action helped offset a bad World Series result for the books.

"Every team in the playoffs was good for us except the White Sox," said Mike Colbert, sports manager at the Plaza. "We opened the White Sox at 20-1 to win the Series and people kept betting them throughout the year because they got off to that good start. Also, it’s never good for the books when the Series goes four instead of the full seven games."

”¡ Don Williams at The Orleans is promoting the Coast properties 5, 5½ and 6-point NBA teasers (up to 10 teams). "I don’t think any house in town lets you bet more than 6 off the board," said Williams. .

If there are, we’ll mention it.