NFL witchcraft!

Nov 1, 2005 2:46 AM

Ghosts on the sidelines? That’s what’s spooking Skins’ fans as the G-men rode the spirit of Wellington Mara to a shocking 36-0 shutout over their divisional rivals.

And the spookiness didn’t stop with Mara’s ghost. Plenty of other teams showed scary strength over Halloween weekend. Teddy Bruschi came back from near death and motivated the Pats into a come-from-behind victory over the Bills.

The Broncos crushing win over Philly certainly horrified AFC foes. The Bears stole the ball and pranked a win from the Lions, using the ball like it was a Halloween pumpkin.

Cincy was scared straight by the Steelers a week earlier and resorted to ghastly deeds of their own, picking off five Brett Favre passes and also sending a fan out of the stands to steal the ball from Favre just for good measure.

Indy and Seattle were sideline ghosts, too: They’re mere silence ssent chills down the spines of their divisional opponents.

The only team not feeling scared was the home team! Home teams are winning games at a stunning 67 percent clip. Maybe this will be the week the NFL unleashes my beloved dogs!

Lions -1 at Vikings: The party boat is in dry dock and Culpepper may be headed for serious body repair with a banged up knee. Lions are moving the ball more effectively with Garcia at the helm. LIONS.

Chargers -6 at Jets: I’m off the Jets until they inject more youth into their offense. They have a great defense but it’s not enough when the offense is driven by two guys older than Methuselah. CHARGERS.

Titans +2½ at Browns: Either the Trent Dilfer experiment has gone sour or Maurice Carthon needs a new playbook. Browns under pressure here. BROWNS.

Raiders +4 at Chiefs: Raiders could catch K.C. with a win here. But I don’t think they can get the job done on the road. CHIEFS.

Bears -2½ at Saints: Bears have won three straight and I wouldn’t bet against four in this spot. Saints appear to be cursed this season. Bears "D" is about 10 times better than Saints "D." BEARS.

Bengals -6 at Ravens: Cincy was knocked to the canvas by Pittsburgh, but answered the bell. Baltimore is coming off an emotional game with Pittsburgh and may have a tough time training for this big fight! BENGALS.

Panthers +1 at Bucs: The Cadillac doesn’t run as smoothly with Chris Simms behind the wheel. Panthers are slowly crawling back into the NFC race. PANTHERS.

Texans +10½ at Jags: Jags haven’t covered 10 points since week one. I’m not confident that it will happen here with Texans finally moving the goose egg out of the win column. TEXANS.

Falcons -2 at Dolphins: Vick had a bad game versus Jets and it was good enough. That’s how good Atlanta’s team is this season. FALCONS.

Giants -12 at 49ers: The Niners may have to bring in Cody Pickett, the former rodeo cowboy. Niner fans love him. But send in the clowns after this one, the marriage is over. GIANTS.

Seahawks -4 at Cards: Seattle is improving each week. As improved as Denny Green’s Cards were supposed to be this season, it’s just not happening. SEAHAWKS.

Steelers -5 at Packers: Can it get any more embarrassing for Packers’ fans? Brett Favre doesn’t deserve the beating he may take in this game. STEELERS.

Eagles PK at Skins: Eagles’ one-dimensional attack was exposed in Denver and twice in the last three weeks. I’m backing the homies in an NFC East biggie! SKINS.

Colts PK at Pats: Bills proved once again what many have known the entire season. Even though Tedy Bruschi gives the Pats a tremendous boost, they’re still not the same team. Pats had to muster final minute come back over Bills. But Pats didn’t cover. COLTS.

Last Wek : 6-7

Season : 60-52-3