Try these 10 tips for poker success

Nov 7, 2005 2:14 AM

Many people would like some guidelines when it comes to playing video poker. I’ve put together what I feel are essential to playing the game prudently and making it the enjoyable pastime it was intended to be.

While many of these axioms seem like common sense, you’d be surprised how many people leave their gray matter behind when they enter the casino.

1. The only way anyone can be capable of winning on a consistent basis is through unwavering discipline. Learn it — or keep losing.

2. Accept that every time you play you are trying to win money. You are playing only in short-term bursts. There is no theoretical long-term for humans. Losing is never an acceptable option.

3. Always take the proper bankroll with you for your play level. This is not some mythical mathematical figure created in the clouds. It is simply that which you can comfortably afford to lose based on 400 credits of the highest denomination you intend to play.

4. Never use a casino ATM. Never obtain or sign up for casino credit. These are casino tools used to take more of your money than you were prepared to give up when you came in the doors, and they very effectively prey on the weak. One look at facial expressions in ATM lines or at Casino Cage credit lines verifies this.

5. Always play with a clear mind, a clean slate, and in an alert mode. You’ll have plenty of time to worry about your problems when you get home. And be confident. The old saying "scared money never won a dime" is much truer than you think.

6. Always go into your sessions knowing”¦and believing”¦that regardless of what game you choose to play with whatever pay tables, percentages are always on the side of the casino. Short term strategy easily overcomes this house edge because they’re betting on the long term and you’re not.

7. Learn to play how you want to and not how the casino expects you to. In reality and by a great margin, most players are ahead at some point in their session — whether it’s 5 cents or $5000, yet almost all of these players go home a loser. Train yourself to set goals and quit when attained. Either that, or join millions of others who continue to help build beautiful casinos by chasing losers or trying to win more.

8. Understand the powerful temptations of the slot club card. Use it wisely ”¦ as less than 1 percent of all players do. Did you come into the casino to win money — or pile up the points? Are you impressed by what you read about and hear in the media when people brag, or are you beyond all that misleading nonsense? Are you controlled by all the sweet-looking offers and promotions sent and advertised by casino marketing departments, or do you march to the beat of your own video poker drum? Winning players know the correct answers here. Losers are sitting red-faced, wondering how I can read their minds from afar.

9. Do not become overwhelmed by casino distractions. Come in, win your goal, and leave. Do you enjoy all the excitement and the incredibly inviting atmosphere? Don’t worry, it will still be there tomorrow. Are you finding yourself staying at your machine in order to give more than an occasional glance at the cocktail waitresses? Take it elsewhere. There’s plenty of ”˜joints’ around. Are you envious that you’ve only won $50 while the fool next to you hit a royal, and you feel you can too if you stayed another hour? Think about all the times in the past when you’ve done that. Where did it get you?

10. Plan, be prepared, and always do what you said you were going to do before walking in those casino doors. Winners eventually learn this inside out. Losers easily become mesmerized by exciting casino action, and are some of the world’s best at redundant wishing.