Week 10: Show me some durable QBs!

Nov 8, 2005 3:39 AM

Do you remember when quarterbacks played the entire schedule?

The NFL has instituted all kinds of rules to protect the QB. The only thing they haven’t done is make him wear a dress! But it’s still a jungle out there for QBs and they have to be extremely lucky to survive the season unscathed.

Five new QBs started Week 9, four because of injury. Charlie Batch and Brad Johnson were lucky enough to grab wins for Pittsburgh and Minnesota. Kurt Warner, Joey Harrington and Cody Pickett were not quite so fortunate.

Other QBs in jeopardy of being yanked from lackluster efforts and via injury might be Chris Simms, Gus Frerotte, Anthony Wright and Aaron Brooks.

So more QB shuffling might be on the way soon! Old man river, Vinny Testaverde is in no-man’s land.

Vinny could be yanked for poor performance or injury in favor of young Brooks Barringer.

Do you remember when home dogs used to be money in the bank? Home dawgs were 1-7 (not counting the Vikes who opened a slight 1-point dog and closed a mere 1-point fave) last Sunday. Dogs in general weren’t much better at 3-9-1. How the heck did Denny end up 10-2-1 ATS on a nasty dog week? I guess I just knew when to say farewell to the doggies.

Remember when they used to have bye-weeks? Say so long to the byes. They’re history after this weekend.

Chiefs + 1 at Bills: HC Dick Vermeil made a gutsy call and the Chiefs won a big game over the Raiders at KC. Trent Green received a hug at the sideline after a tremendously emotional game. My thinking is the Chiefs will be a little drained for this road trip. I also don’t like betting K.C. when OT Willie Roaf is questionable. BILLS.

Skins +1 at Bucs: It’s difficult to wager on a Simms led team until he proves himself. That hasn’t happened to date. Cadillac hasn’t been the same since Brian Griese exited. I made the Skins the slight favorite. SKINS.

Pats -3 at Dolphins: Miami hasn’t won a home game since opening day. Might grab number two against a bruised, defending world champ. Pats aren’t the same team, especially defensively. It’s nice having a genius for a head coach. But a genius can only plug so many holes. DOLPHINS.

49ers +12 at Bears: You don’t think of "da Bears" as a team to cover double digits. But Lovie Smith might be Coach of the Year right now. Kyle Orton is the QB find of the year and the Bears might have the NFL’s best defense. Pickett makes a great cowboy story but every time I make a move towards the window to bet the Niners it’s almost like Cody ropes by bankroll with his lasso and says no, no , no! BEARS.

Vikings +10 at Giants: Ghosts don’t hang around for more than two weeks do they? I know the spirit of Wellington Mara will still be in Giants Stadium. But the ghost will be gone by now, right? Giants playing inspired football, winning three straight. Vikes look revitalized with Brad Johnson filling in nicely for the injured Daunte Culpepper. If the Vikes can get their party boat down the Hudson River, this game just might be a hoot! VIKINGS.

Cards + 5½ at Lions: I think Warner proved last week he’s not the answer to the Arizona QB controversy. But Harrington one-upped him in that department. Neither team has a QB nor a running game. This game shouldn’t have a favorite, just dawgs. Take the points, put your tail between your legs and run away from the betting window. CARDS.

Ravens +8½ at Jags: I’m not buying into this line. Jags haven’t beaten anyone by over eight points since Week 1. RAVENS.

Texans + 16 at Colts: Indy coming off emotional biggie with Pats. Texans are protecting David Carr slightly better than a few weeks ago. I’d lose my moniker if I gave more than 15 points! TEXANS.

Jets +9½ at Panthers: Jets proved last week they’re still a tad underrated. They stayed right with the Chargers even when Vinny went down. Jets D can play tough enough for the upset here if they can get any kind of production out of either QB. JETS.

Broncos -3 at Raiders: Sorry Norv (Turner), but you seem to be the type of coach that finds a way to lose most any hard fought, tight ball game. And, you have a QB who’s having a pretty darn good season. But QB Kerry Collins also finds ways to lose the close ones. BRONCOS.

Rams +7 at Seahawks: Rams have not looked good on the road this season. But now they have Joe Vitt on the sideline and they’re playing well with (Mike) Martz barred from calling in any plays! Seahawks on a four-game roll, but are overdue to blow a cover. RAMS.

Packers +9½ at Falcons: I’m a fan of Brett Favre. I have sympathy for the Packers. But they’re sick this season and I don’t see them getting better this Sunday. FALCONS.

Browns +8½ at Steelers:Pittsburgh playing inspired football this year on the road, but not at home. Cleveland might steal a win here if QB Big Ben (Roethlisberger) can’t go or plays like he did against Baltimore. BROWNS.

Cowboys +3 at Eagles: I want Philadelphia to succeed so badly without Terrell "I’m out for myself only" Owens. But I just don’t see it happening. Cowboys match well, having the more balanced offense with their ability to run the ball. They did hammer the Eagles a little over a month ago, 33-10. COWBOYS.

Last week: 10-2-1

Season: 71-54-4