Faves still spooking this dog lover

Nov 15, 2005 5:28 AM

Halloween is over. But an extremely strange and spooky season for dawg lovers continued last weekend as Denny The Dog crashed from the penthouse (11-2) to the dog house (4-9).

Bettors of the chalk can do no wrong this season. A 58 percent rate isn’t too shabby for the faves, who are 80-58-4 through 10 weeks.

The Colts win so often it doesn’t seem strange at all. It’s only the tenth time since 1970 a team has ran off nine straight wins to start the season. The great news for Colts fans is that seven times 9-0 teams have gone on to appear in the Super Bowl with five winning it all.

Denny The Dog is committed to battling the favorites to the end. I’m hoping to see some winning dawg bones this week before we get into turkey the following week.

Panthers -3 at Bears: One of these time will see the end to a five game winning streak. Bears will be 4-2 at home next Sunday night. Panthers bring more offense to the stadium than the Bears’ last six opponents combined! The Bears usually out defense a team, but not this week. I’m giving Delhomme and Davis the edge over Orton and Peterson. PANTHERS.

Jags -4 at Titans: No team needed a week off worse than the Titans. Tennessee is sporting a four game losing streak. But with an extra week to rest the weary, Titans will score enough for the cover. Jags tallied 30 for the first time in four years versus Ravens. That’s a rarity not to be duplicated on the road. TITANS.

Colts -6½ at Bengals: Home dogs, thanks to Raiders and Dolphins are 1-9 during the last two weeks. There couldn’t be a better game for the home puppies to turn their season around. Bengals had extra week to prepare and the Colts can’t be too jacked up for this game after nine straight wins. BENGALS.

Saints +10 at Patriots: Pats just one game over .500 and leading AFC East only because of the weak opposition. NE may be the favorite to win the division, but I don’t see many 10 point spreads being covered. SAINTS.

Cards +9 at Rams: I don’t think Arizona could be in any more trouble. Cards don’t have a QB they can count on. They can’t run the ball a lick and haven’t stopped the run. They have more injuries on the offensive line and on defense. Rams have one week under their belt with Bulger and Holt healthy again. RAMS.

Bucs +6 at Falcons: Doesn’t this number appear a little big for you? Simeon Rice has the Bucs’ D flying to the ball and Chris Simms stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run against Washington. Falcons haven’t produced an explosive offensive effort in over a month. BUCS.

Raiders +6 at Redskins: Skins undefeated at home and I see the Silver and Black leaving that record unblemished. Big edge for Brunell over Collins. REDSKINS.

Lions +9 at Cowboys: Looks like Harrington might want his job back. Now that Roy Williams is healthy, Harrington might have a chance to keep it. LIONS.

Eagles +4 at Giants: Philly should begin to feel more comfortable after a couple of weeks without Owens. G-men no longer invincible at home after horrible special teams display versus Minnesota. EAGLES.

Dolphins +3 at Browns: Difficult to find anything positive to write about either of these clubs. In what appears to be the year of the favorite, I’m taking the fave! BROWNS.

Seahawks -12 at 49ers: Niners haven’t scored a TD in last three games. Shaun Alexander rushed for three touchdowns in their win over Rams last week! Cody Pickett was 1-13 for 28 yards and one interception versus Bears. SEAHAWKS.

Bills + 9 at Chargers: Bills picked off Trent Green three times to save the day. I’m not too excited about Bills, but I think the Chargers are a touch overrated. San Diego off much needed bye, but not sure everyone is healthy. BILLS

Jets +13 at Broncos: Denver is on a roll after destroying the Eagles and Raiders in back-to-back games. Jets rolling into a tail spin and headed for a major crash after four straight losses. BRONCOS.

Steelers -8 at Ravens: If Big Ben is back I’m gung-ho about this game. Without Big Ben, I’m not that crazy. It looks like Kyle Boller is a done deal. The Jags sure stuck a fork in him last week. STEELERS.

Chiefs -6 at Texans: KC beat Bills on the stat sheet, but not in the result. Cut those interceptions and the task ahead this weekend at Houston is easier. CHIEFS.

Vikings +3 at Packers: Brett Favre was back to being hemself against Falcons and unknown running back, Gado (103 yards, 2 TDs) received cudos from Packer backers. Vikes might joke and say they would rather be lucky than good. But I believe they are luckier than good! PACKERS.

Last week: 4-9

Season: 76-63-4