NLV slots havehighest payback

Nov 21, 2005 2:08 AM


According to Gaming Control Board reports, the slot machines on the Boulder Strip — Sam’s Town, Boulder Station, Arizona Charlie’s and Nevada Palace — offer players the highest returns of all the machines in Nevada.

On average, the slot machines on the Boulder Strip returned 95.24 percent of the handle or total amount bet to players in fiscal year 2004. Slots in North Las Vegas — Texas, Fiesta and Santa Fe Station — returned 95.17 percent, with downtown slots (94.25 percent) and Strip slots (93.55 percent) not far behind.

In general, the slots in "neighborhood" casinos returned more to players than the slots in downtown Las Vegas or on the Strip.

Also, the downtown slots returned one to two percent more than Strip slots for machines in lower denominations (nickels and quarters), though the difference is barely noticeable for higher denomination ($1 and $5) machines.

Slot machines in Nevada generally returned more to players than slots outside the state, although Colorado casinos come close (94.3 percent) to those in the Silver State.

Casinos in Atlantic City returned an average of 91.6 percent to slot players with Borgata having the highest payback (92.1 percent) and the Showboat (91.2 percent) the lowest.

The tribal casinos in Connecticut (Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun) returned even less to players: Nickel, quarter and dollar slots returned an average of 88.5 percent, 90.8 percent and 92.37 percent, respectively.

Tribal casinos in California aren’t required to report their slot payback percentages, and none of them was willing to divulge the machine’s hold percentage.