Cantor plays key wireless role

Nov 29, 2005 3:30 AM

Cantor Gaming has played a key role in pushing for approval of wireless gaming in Nevada. In fact the company sponsored the enabling bill, AB 471, that was signed into law by Gov. Kenny Guinn.

Cantor offers a wireless gaming product it calls "curb to curb" gaming. Its system — which includes complete back-end technology and player tracking — allows for casino style games to be played remotely.

Here’s how it works: A customer obtains a handheld gaming device from a designated area of the casino. He can then play casino games in approved areas of the property called "green zones," such as restaurants, lounges, pool areas, convention and shopping areas.

When the player has completed playing, he returns the device and withdraws the balance (if any) that he deposited at the start (credit cards can also be used).

The wireless devices are linked by secure wireless frequencies to the server system. The customer’s location is determined using a sophisticated process of placing wireless access points at strategic locations throughout the property.

The mobile devices are continuously tracked and monitored by trained technical personnel.